WINDSHIELD REPAIR RESIN by Patsco Resins | Special 1oz $15.99 - 1 Liter $245

Windshield Repair Resins. Why buy 3 or 4 different types of windshield crack repair resin? All you need is Patsco Multi-Purpose UV Windshield Repair Resin

Online PR News – 08-October-2009 – –
Why buy 3 or 4 different types of resin for windshield repair? All you need is one, Patsco Multi-Purpose UV Resin. Our resin does it all! It has been proven to work with all types of breaks and cracks at our retail location. It is the true multi-purpose glass repair resin on the market. This resin can be used for a pit filler as well! The most important component of windshield repair is the Resin. Our Professional Muti - Purpose Repair Resins are the best you can buy.

The best crack repairs we've ever seen. Fills cracks up to 24 inches much more easily. Tremendous strength. Approximately 3 minutes Curing time. Flows very easily. Good cold weather auto windshield repair resin. Great for stars in colder weather. Patsco windshield repair resin, will not yellow, is acid free resin, is high strength, have the excellent optical clarity, easy to use, is affordable and most of all, it is SAFE!

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