Personal trainer, Team Fitness America seizes lead

Team Fitness America serves training in 17 states and every month, a selection of best trainer is done and award is given away.

Online PR News – 27-November-2010 – – PR Log (Press Release) – Nov 25, 2010- Team Fitness America, which is located in USA continues with their abiding highlighting for determining their personal trainer for the month. It proclaims Wauseca Briscoe as a Maryland personal trainer. Not only in one or two but it serves trainers in seventeenth states and every month, an award ceremony is conducted and Team Fitness America makes a selection of one trainer and then make him receive an award. There are so many locations from where top class trainers have been selected so far and the names of those locations are Las Vegas, Miami, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, New York etc. this award is usually given away for the best quality customer services.

Personal fitness trainer is usually appointed with the help of voting though best quality testimonials from their respective clients and such features are owned by these trainers. It actually indicates a record of the success of clients and hence this feature also goes to those who continue to surpass other during the following of procedures and policies of companies. Hence it can be said that level of personal training attains higher level in this way of award giving ceremony.

Briscoe has accomplished their graduation from state university of Colorado and then got specialty in medicine and sports. After this, she started serving people in their fitness goals and weight loss without even accomplishing any fitness instructor course. Apart from this, she was capable enough to do the handling of nutrition consultation along with physical fitness aspects. Some of the fitness goals of her clients are water aerobics, marathon training etc. she had nothing to do with the age group and hence had worked with adults, children and seniors as well.

At last she had done fitness instructor course but before that, she has been finished with her post graduation along with some other certified courses. She had been certified with American council of aerobics and exercise. Because of this only, she has accumulated so many reviews from her clients and hence at last won best personal trainer award for the July month this year. Her personal training is somewhat dependent on her slogan “fitness should bring good health and should be maintained lifelong”. She thinks this as a success key. “Team Fitness America” proffers huge array and variety of fitness related services like personal trainer, instruction of yoga etc.