Dotcom-Monitor Starts All-Star Website Performance Award Program

Program Establishes Benchmarks and Provides the Ultimate Stamp of Approval and Credibility for High Performance Website Operations

Online PR News – 08-October-2009 – – Dotcom-Monitor, a trusted industry provider of a Unified Performance Monitoring™ suite of advanced yet affordable externally-hosted network & IT monitoring services, today announced a call for participation in its new All-Star website performance Award Program. The program is designed to monitor, measure, and analyze the availability and performance of participating websites, and then to recognize top-performing sites across all industries with three award designations and associated logos, which are displayed prominently on each participant's website.

The submission form and additional information is available at

In today's Internet-driven economy websites have become the leading source for knowledge and information for most businesses and consumers. With millions of websites in existence, it has never been more important for organizations to establish their website as a credible, high performance operation. The Dotcom-Monitor All-Star Website Performance Award program was created to help each participant's website stand out from the crowd with a stamp of prestige signifying world-class excellence from the industry's leading global authority on website performance monitoring and reliability.

How it Works

The Dotcom-Monitor All-Star Website Performance Award is the IP industry's most prestigious award for website availability as it holds participants to the highest known standards of uptime/performance excellence.
- each month during program participation, nominated companies will automatically receive the appropriate award logo based on their website's composite performance score over the course of the month
- the website administrator must copy a few lines of HTML code into the appropriate page on their website for the award logo to automatically appear
- three awards designations and associated logos are available based on website availability;
* 5-star "Best of Industry" for > 98% availability
* 4 star "Outstanding" for > 95% availability
* 3-star "Standard of Excellence" for > 90%
* websites with < 90% availability do not receive an award for that month
- Sites that receive the highest average score within a given industry category are also awarded a "Best of Industry" Dotcom-Monitor All-Star Performance Award logo for their promotional purposes, as well as inclusion in a press release sent to major media
- all websites will initially receive a 4-star logo during the first 2 weeks of participation to allow time for accurate performance data collection
- there is a $100/month fee to participate in the program, which is designed to minimize the participation of low-quality websites and to help offset the cost of the competition.

"Websites today have taken on a role of almost Herculean importance in most organizations, as a highly visible symbol of the company's brand, marketing, service quality, reliability, customer service, and operational integrity," said Vadim Mazo, founder and chief technology officer of Dotcom-Monitor. "While there are myriad industry award programs that reward website design, the Dotcom-Monitor All-Star Website Performance Award program is setting the industry standard for website performance, reliability and quality, giving organizations a highly credible stamp of approval for their website, and for all that is represents."

Enter Now

The Dotcom-Monitor All-Star Website Performance Award program is open for participation effective immediately, and is available to companies and website of all types. To learn more, or to nominate your company's website, please visit:

About Dotcom-Monitor:

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