The Job Seekers Battle Plan for Emoployment

HelpingHandsJobCoach is a Christian based program of dedicated professionals whose passion is helping others prepare for the position they want, and to be employed within 45 days

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – has been instrumental in assisting job seekers find the positions they want, usually within 45 days. Now, there is something new at the website. Starting Monday November 29th, there will be a PowerPoint presentation available for download for all job seekers. The link will be continually updated as the job market changes, so that the job seeker will have available the most up to date information.
The download will be available at at a cost of $24.95. It will cover all facets of the job search, from career path to resumes, networking, and phone and face to face interviews. About one hour long, it gives the job seekers all the information they need to find the position they need. is a Christian based employment assistance program whose passion is helping all job seekers find the position they want. “this program was started because most job seekers are challenged because they do not know what the HR Managers are looking for”, said John Velisek, Managing Partner, “ and after a while of applying and not getting responses, job seekers lose motivation, and some stop looking altogether. It is our passion to change that, and help people get their lives back together.”
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