Bidibot announces the launch of their new penny auction feature-Rakeback to help fans play online

Online Poker fans can now get to claim their bids back on auctions through the ‘Rakeback’ feature on Bidibot’s online penny auction site.

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – London, UK ( onlineprnews ) November 24, 2010 - Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to pay to play at online gambling sites. You can win free poker chips at the online penny auction site Bidibot to play at your favourite poker rooms. To help online poker fans, Bidibot, have even launched a Rakeback feature. Through this feature, users can claim their bids back on auctions at Bidibot.

“We’ve designed the feature to be used in three different ways. The first type of Rakeback is the % Rakeback, where depending on the finishing position; players can get a predetermined percentage of bids credited back to them. The second type is the ‘Fixed Rakeback’, where players can claim back a fixed number of bids, depending on where he is placed after the winner. The third is ‘Max Rakeback’, where again depending on the place that the player is placed; he gets a maximum number of bids back. Currently we are offering a special promotion whereby the bidder who finishes in the second position gets 50% of his bids back as rakeback. When looking for auctions, players are to look for the ‘Rakeback’ strip, to see which type of offer is on,” says Mr. John Tabatabai, of Bidibot (, an online poker site that offers online poker games for Poker enthusiasts.

“Players get to choose from the $150 credit, Betfair Poker bonus that auctions at a start price of $1, or choose to bid from the $20 credit, Betfair Poker bonus that starts from $1. Besides Betfair free poker chips, we auction a wide variety of products and free credits for Poker Stars, 888 Poker, Victory Poker, Jackpotjoy, Ultimate Bet poker, Absolute Poker and many more. All that the player has to do is, register and purchase bids. Players get to bid as long as they have a positive bid balance.” he adds.

Poker enthusiasts looking for free poker chips can always contact us. Bidibot ( is the first penny auction site that specifically caters for poker, casino and sports enthusiasts. Players get the opportunity to win anything from a $50 voucher to a $ 10,000 package including travel and accommodation for anything as little as $1 through the site’s unique bidding system.

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