EnergyLogic to unveil expanded product offerings at #NADA100 January 27-29 in New Orleans

EnergyLogic has announced an expansion of its existing energy-efficient products of waste oil heaters, boilers and HVLS industrial ceiling fans.

Online PR News – 25-January-2017 – Antioch, TN – NASHVILLE, TN, January 24, 2017 – EnergyLogic has announced an expansion of its existing energy-efficient products of waste oil heaters, boilers and HVLS industrial ceiling fans. The introduction of the VAL6, a portable energy-efficient radiant heater,will be shown at the 2017 NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) Convention and Expo in New Orleans.

"Our emphasis has always been on helping our automotive customers to manage their complete energy system," said Rob Stevens, CEO and President of EnergyLogic. "Now we offer a solution for user mobility with our portable radiant heater that expands our comfort solutions to more industries, for more purposes and to different types of consumers."

EnergyLogic focuses on configuring year-round heating and cooling solutions for automotive facilities and other applications. Within the past year, this growing business announced its new product offering, the VAL6, to support the overall message of guiding dealerships and others to becoming more energy-efficient and using alternative methods to increase comfort with less energy in more places. The biggest advantage of VAL6 is that, instead of heating the surrounding ambient air, it heats the objects and tools themselves to maintain shop productivity for 10 odorless and low noise operating hours, resulting in huge fuel savings.

As far as the legacy business of waste oil combustion, EnergyLogic is proactive in educating the market with industry research.“Many times, dealerships are unknowingly paying removal fees to a collector for hauling off their waste oil to be properly disposed,” explains Stevens. “Instead, car dealers should consider alternative EPA-approved and recommended safer solutions such as waste oil burners, which decrease risk of oil spills and fines.”

To complete the full suite of comfort solutions, MacroAir HVLS fans are distributed by EnergyLogic as the professional and sleek alternative to operate in reverse during the colder winter months and de-stratify hot air down to the employees, limiting heat rise to the ceiling. EnergyLogic is the only approved supplier of HVLS fans for ALL OEM automotive tool and equipment programs for car dealerships.

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About EnergyLogic
EnergyLogic is a manufacturer, seller, and innovator of environmentally-friendly heating and cooling products, providing thoughtful, customized solutions geared to the individual needs of independent garages, car dealerships, and fleet management companies. We combine best-in-class waste oil furnaces, boilers, HVLS industrial fans and VAL6 portable radiant heaters with in-house support and a national network of experts, providing customers with the equipment and tailored solutions they need to harness onsite energy and reduce costs and dependency on conventional energy. All EnergyLogic waste oil furnaces and boilers are EPA-approved, UL-listed and backed by the industry’s longest warranty. These waste oil burners provide customers an environmentally-safe manner for recycling oil while reducing or eliminating heating bills and cradle-to-grave liability and increasing employee comfort. MacroAir fans are LEED certified and EMI compliant, backed by an industry-leading warranty. EnergyLogic’s products are available through distribution partners as well as national retailers such as NAPA, O’Reilly, Advance Auto Parts, and Car Quest. EnergyLogic products are available primarily in North America and Canada, as well as globally. Learn more at