Cedar Shutters Provide Excellent Light and Privacy Control

Throughout the 16th Century, homes during the reigns of Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth commonly had wooden shutters.

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Ancient Greeks are believed to have first designed shutters. Windows back then provided ventilation, but they were vulnerable against the coast’s heavy winds and rough storms. Shutters provided the perfect protection.

Throughout the 16th Century, homes during the reigns of Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth commonly had wooden shutters. Glass was expensive during those times, so most people only put it in the upper part of their windows. The shutters, therefore, often folded up on the bottom and were usually only opened all the way when full light was needed.

By the 18th Century, people were installing full glass windows and masons were building homes of stone. The walls were so dense, builders had to install the shutters inside the house as people couldn’t reach outside to secure or latch them. As the 19th Century went on, however, home walls thinned out, so shutters, once again, returned to the outside of the homes.

As the 20th Century progressed, shutters were used more for decoration than practicality and technology eliminated the need for outside shutters.

Interior Shutters

Interest in vintage décors and in restoring homes has brought interior shutters back into the spotlight. Designers consider them among their favorite choices for window treatments because they go with almost any style and cost less than custom window treatments. They also increase your home’s value because they are so desirable and because they usually stay with the home after it is sold.

Cedar Shutters

Cedar Shutters and Bamboo Blinds Sydney are recognized for their beauty and natural warm colors, which contain rich hues of amber and sienna brown. Cedar is a light, yet sturdy wood that distorts and cracks less than harder woods and stays level. It is, thus, an excellent choice for any climate and any room. Moreover, they enhance any style and match all decors.

Sunlight Control

You can adjust Cedar Shutters to either block out or let in sunlight as much as you wish.


You can also adjust Cedar Shutters to maintain your privacy.

Cedar Shutters also provide:

• Energy savings: Cedar Shutters block the sun’s hot rays in summer and add insulation in the winter, thereby lowering energy costs.

• Stability: Cedar Shutters and Solar Blinds are extremely durable and don’t need replacing as often as standard window treatments.

• Furniture and Carpet Protection: Because Cedar Shutters block sunlight, they help keep furniture and carpet from fading, which greatly extends their attractiveness and usefulness.

• Easy Maintenance: Cedar Shutters require little care. All you need to do is wipe them clean with a damp cloth every now and then.

Privacy, energy savings, beauty, and simple care make choosing Cedar Shutters extremely easy.