New Website Launch For Professional Writing Jobs

A new website for writers looking for freelance jobs will be launched in the coming weeks/months.

Online PR News – 23-January-2017 – New York – has announced the launch of a new website, which will assist professional writers with finding work as self-employed, home-based content creators.

The launch of the website will serve as a new platform for freelance writers everywhere, allowing them to search and apply for projects that can be completed in the comfort of their own homes. This platform will be one of the largest there is, meaning that more jobs will be advertised in one place as opposed to being spread across a number of different websites.

The launch of will come as a great business tool for companies all over the world, as many are now trying to improve the standard of their documents by outsourcing the work to external professional writers.

The forward-thinking platform will match experts in the field up with writing tasks, allowing businesses to choose the best person for the job from a list of potential candidates. It is now increasingly common for companies to outsource this type of work as markets become more competitive and engaging writing becomes more of a necessity.

With many writers now working from home without any other source of income, the website hopes to reduce the risks of unemployment by assisting them with finding projects that are relevant to their skills. promises to offer rates that are lower than many of the other platforms in the same field, allowing companies to reduce their outgoing costs while receiving documents written by some of the best experts in the business.

Many of the top writers are now choosing to work 100% freelance, which means that businessmen and women will have access to people that can really impress potential clients and higher management with their writing skills.

The new website will offer a range of services, all designed to assist companies with their most time-consuming and difficult writing tasks. The following are some of the documents that can be ordered from the website: creative writing, academic and technical writing, blogs, articles, product reviews, business proposals, e-books and website content creation. Editing and proofreading services will also be options that can be ordered, as well as many other types of document.

Writers can benefit from a multitude of benefits, including the opportunity to work comfortably from home and a flexible schedule that they can work around their personal commitments. High rates of pay and bi-monthly payouts are also on the agenda for those choosing to sign up to the scheme and start receiving work requests.