Dolphin Water Jet Pack System Launched in Dubai for Fire Fighting

Dubai Civil Defense has released an online video that demonstrates firefighting mechanism in a novel way.

Online PR News – 23-January-2017 – Dubai – Technologically advanced fire fighting techniques to enhance safety systems

Jan 25 2017, Dubai: Strengthening its reputation as one of the most technologically innovative cities in the world, Dubai has now invested in jetpack set-ups for firefighting.

Dubai Civil Defense has released an online video that demonstrates firefighting mechanism in a novel way. The firefighter in the video uses a jet pack to rise above the level of bridge, by using water pressure from the attached jet ski. He then uses a fire hose to douse a car which has been made to look like as if it is alight.

This advanced firefighting system is knows as Dolphin and it has been brought to minimize response times where firefighters can reach the scene of accident without waging through heavy traffic on the city’s roads. The waterways help by providing an unlimited source of water for firefighting and offer better access to any fires on boats, ships and buildings bordering the shore.

A week ago, Lieutenant Colonel Ali Al Mutawa, head of operations at Dubai Civil Devence had said that floating fire-stations that let blazes to be doused from the Dubai Canal may also be used in future.

Dubai and few other cities of UAE have seen increase in number of fire related incidents since 2012. The fire flames were of similar nature – they rushed up and down the sides of buildings and in many cases the fire was aggravated by the side panels of these buildings.

While Dubai is on a path of fast growth with new constructions in every corner of the mega-city, most builders and regulators have been unaware of the hazards that were posed by the panels. This led to their widespread use and resulted in some major fire outbreaks.

Authorities are in talks with experts to find improved and proven technicalities that can help for safety against such threats.

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