Ditch The Bottle Online is Using Green Technology to Bring Clean Drinking Water to Everyone

George Squires has launched Ditchthebottle.com a new website that is providing Pure Water Technology products. These amazing water purification systems are delivering cleaner, safer water to homes and businesses while helping to keep the environment free from disposable plastic bottles that are piling up at dumpsites and ending up in the oceans.

Online PR News – 28-November-2010 – – – DitchThebottle.com was recently launched to provide clean drinking water technology that is saving money and reducing the volume of disposable plastic bottles that end up in landfill and in the oceans. It is estimated that Americans go through 63 billion units of bottled water each year. Pure Water Technology, Inc offers an alternative that is convenient and cost effective. It is recognized as one of the top ten dealers of water systems in America, offering exceptional service and the best quality in high volume water and ice systems.

Testimonials at DitchThebottle.com reveal why Pure Water Technology, Inc. is enjoying high demand for its cutting edge technology which is providing clean drinking water for homes and business in America. Its systems are based on reverse osmosis water with multi-stage water filtration systems and new technology recently obtained from NASA, including microprocessor controlled error and real time quality monitoring to ensure a constant supply of purified water.

Customers enjoy prompt and reliable service from three centers in California where professional technicians are ready to install and support these systems. From its corporate offices in Anaheim Hills, Redlands and Santana Fe Springs, California and through DitchtheBottle.com, Pure Water Technology is making access to purified drinking water much easier and more affordable in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange Counties and South California.

The device is simply connected to any current water source and it automatically starts monitoring all functions to ensure a constant supply of pure water. DitchTheBottle.com is making significant contribution to the protection of the environment with this green technology that is putting an end to the use of plastic bottles to distribute drinking water and customers can be certain that they are drinking pure water when using these systems.

Providing the finest distilled water is the primary role of DitchTheBottle.com but it also provides ice systems and coffee systems using the same revolutionary green technology. Systems are installed from as far as 200 yards from the nearest water source and the patented 03 “Active Oxygen “technology ensures that the filtered water remains clean. All systems are maintained to be exceptionally sanitary to provide clean water of the highest quality.

With the world’s attention on reducing pollution and green house gases, DitchTheBottle.com is doing its part by reducing the use of non-biodegradable disposable water bottles and its contribution is increasing as more homes and businesses choose Pure Water Technology to supply clean drinking water. This revolutionary company offers the most high-tech pure water systems on the market and it is distributing its unconventional systems in more places to make access to cleaner drinking water more convenient and safer than bottled water. Enjoy more space by eliminating the need for stockpiling bottled water.

About DitchTheBottle.com: Choosing pure water from this system is contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment and protection from epidemics like cholera, salmonella and other water borne diseases. The cost of fuel, labor and time associated with bottled water is totally eliminated and consumers can realize these savings by visiting DitchTheBottle.com to get a comprehensive review of this life changing technology. With a 60 months flexible price protection program, customers can control costs and join in on this wonderful discovery that will make drinking purified water convenient and easily affordable.

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