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11/28/2010, a premier Laguna Beach real estate web portal, just launched an online Guide for people looking to buy homes in Laguna Beach or neighboring areas. This Home Buyer's Guide includes useful tips, articles and other resources aimed at help prospective home buyers.

Online PR News – 28-November-2010 – – Laguna Beach real estate portal has just launched a Home Buyers Guide, a collection of tips, articles, and useful resources for prospective buyers interested in the Laguna Beach market. One of the leading sites for luxury home information, LagunaOC aims to help buyers and sellers get the best deals in Laguna Beach homes with up-to-date market reports, how-to guides, and professional real estate services.

The Home Buyers Guide details the typical buying process for Laguna Beach homes, from finding a realtor and doing a home search to negotiating and preparing for closing. A Buyer’s Timeline explains the major steps in home buying and what happens at each stage. While the process may differ from one buyer to another, it gives Laguna Beach home buyers an idea of what to expect and how to prepare for them.

First-time home buyers will also find useful guides on budgeting and financing, two of the most complex aspects of home buying. The Budgeting page offers practical advice on determining one’s purchasing capacity, taking into account local living costs and factors unique to Laguna Beach homes. There are also tips on setting a realistic price range and getting pre-approved for a loan, a standard step for Laguna Beach home buyers.

Another useful feature is a guide to home buying versus renting. Low prices are attracting many first-time buyers, but many are still considering apartment living as the market is still unstable. The Buying vs. Renting guide covers basic issues facing Laguna Beach buyers and renters, and the pros and cons of each. This can be useful for those interested in Laguna Beach homes, but aren’t sure they want to make a long-term investment. also addresses specialized markets in Laguna Beach homes, such as short sales and foreclosures. More and more buyers are looking into the distressed market as a way to save, but aren’t familiar with the risks that come with it. The Short Sale and Foreclosure guide explains how these two work and how Laguna Beach buyers can get the best deals out of them.

Finally, a Moving Checklist helps Laguna Beach buyers ensure that everything is in order after closing day. The guide is written in timeline form to help buyers time their steps according to their Laguna Beach home purchase. The steps start as far as four months before the move up to a month afterwards, and covers everything from packing valuables to transferring medical records.

Besides buyer’s and seller’s guides, also offers real estate services for both parties. Its team of realtors and brokers can help with listing homes, searching properties, representing buyers and sellers, and a wide range of other services. A free online consultation allows interested users to talk to an agent and get immediate answers to their questions.
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