The Anti-Kondo Movement

2017 is showing signs of finally dethroning Marie Kondo as the Queen of Organization

Online PR News – 21-January-2017 – Windsor, Ontario – In January 2016, Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” finally hit the coveted #1 on almost every best seller list and she has dominated those lists every since. Her seemingly unique approach to household organization has taken the world by storm as millions of people rushed to buy her “life changing” book. Marie’s success has even spawned a new catch phrase as thousands share their “kondo-ing” experience on social media, further flaming the Kondo fire.

It looks as though 2017 may see the end of the “magic” as new, Anti-Kondo organizing books soar to the top of amazon’s best seller lists. The reason? A mass realization that the “Kondo-ing” organization method doesn’t last long and the desperate need to find a different approach that will. While purging clutter and living with less is a huge part of organization, a massive one-time purge does very little to get to the root of the clutter problem; Homes simply fill back up again over time.

Fresh new organizing books are offering a drastically different approach to home organization through small and realistic goals - the exact opposite method of Marie Kondo. Many new authors are even advertising their books as “Anti-Kondo” in an attempt to attract those who have tried and failed to “Kondo” their condo. Just two days after the pre-sale release of “Real Life Organizing”, it has already hit #1 on multiple Amazon best seller lists. The author, Professional Organizer Cas Aarssen, claims that long lasting results can only be achieved through small, consistent organizing projects. “15 minutes a day can not only transform your home from cluttered to clean, but it will keep it that way for good. It’s about establishing life long habits - you can’t become a minimalist overnight and expect to stay that way forever – that isn’t realistic”.

Perhaps the dethroning of the Queen of Organization will finally mean the return of the King, Peter Walsh. With his multiple television shows and nine best selling books organizing books, there is nothing that Marie Kondo offered the world that wasn’t already offered years earlier by Mr. Walsh. In the literary world where timing and public perception are everything, it seems that it may be time for a change once again.

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