SWiSH Wizard Templates - New Product Line from TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is now producing the newest standard SWiSH Wizard Templates with great capabilities of the SwishMax Wizard for simple yet highly comfortable content editing.

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – Brooklyn, New York, November 24th, 2010 – TemplateMonster.com, the Internet’s largest templates provider, keeps on developing new inventory and currently starts producing a line of brand new SWiSHMax4 Wizard Templates that are much advanced and far easier to work with.

The company authorities claim that TemplateMonster’s web developers have adapted great editing capabilities of the revolutionary SwishMax Wizard to templates creation. Now there is no need to search for a necessary content in the layers or the library, SWiSH Wizard Templates have built-in handy options to perform user-friendly functionalities. The templates can be edited with a highly convenient Wizard Panel. To make changes to the SWiSH Wizard theme, web developers need an .SWI file which is provided with any of TemplateMonster SWiSH Wizard Templates.

In any SWiSH Wizard Template web developers can edit background, pictures, texts, and colors, upload their images and adjust them the way they need. Additionally, it is possible to change a logo, as well as title and the slogan. Website owners can also edit menu buttons with their titles and links - all the eventual changes will be instantly published and displayed on the working field. Along with the .SWI file, template developers also get the .SWF and .HTML files that will make it extremely easy for them to work with SWiSH Wizard Templates.

If however web designers want to perform deep customization, they still have the opportunity to switch to manual editing mode, as well as add their own custom built components in Wizard-panel to change some particular settings. The customized SWiSH Wizard template then can be saved and immediately viewed in the browser; also it is possible to directly upload it to your hosting server through FTP connection. In general, the new SWiSH Wizard templates are much simpler and faster to use in many ways.

David Braun, CEO of the Template Monster, noted “We are proud to present our amazing new product - SWiSH Wizard Templates that are sure to enhance any web project with a vivid attractiveness of remarkable SWISH details. We know that SWiSH Wizard Templates will be soon in increasing demand since their new SwishMax Wizard editing system is now more comfortable for users and has loads of highly convenient features. Evaluate the quality of our new SWiSH Wizard product line - it gets so advanced, yet so much easier to work with!”

From now on, the SWiSH Wizard Templates from TemplateMonster will be available to the customers. See more details on general SWiSH Wizard overview in SWiSH Wizard Templates tutorial.

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