New Site Helps Visitors to Choose The Best Masticating or Centrifugal Juicer

A new website helps visitors to make the best decision when buying a juicer. Selecting a juicer that fits the needs has never been easier.

Online PR News – 21-January-2017 – California – Juicing gets more and more popular in the US and with that increasing demand many people have suffered from choosing the wrong juicer. Whether it breaks after a few weeks or the quality of the juice is not what they expected, many customers end up disappointed.

A new site was launched last month that solves this problem. It offer visitors detailed analysis of the juicers available on the market and provides helpful advice to selecting the best value juicer that fits visitors’ needs.

Selecting the right juicer, based on needs, isn’t the easiest thing, even though it sounds like so. Many people are struggling with it and express their disappointment online. The website is all about making this process easier for people to buy juicer that will last long and will satisfy their needs. Choosing the right juicer has never been easier once you know what to look for, and understand the differences between the main types of juicers.

The website is made both for beginners and users with experience with juicing. There is plenty of information about the main juicer types and their advantages and drawbacks. Almost all of the models from the most popular brands available on the market are tested and reviewed in-depth from the owner of the website.

Huge community of juicer owners contribute to the end review of each model. Once the products are tested and reviewed by the owner, a questionnaire is made and sent to the community to validate the results. This ensures detailed and reliable information that is published on the website.

It doesn’t stop there! Once the juicer has been chosen and bought, there is lots of useful information about juicing – recipes, juicing guides, and diet plans. You can find recipes with fruits and vegetables varying from blueberries to apples and spinach.

If you’d like more information on the topic or get in touch with the owner of the website, please visit