Slow Readers Can Now Rejoice As They Can Learn To Read Three Times Faster With 7Speed Reading

Speed reading is now a reality for many with the help of 7Speed Reading, which is one of the best speed reading programs available in the market today. This program helps users read three times faster.

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – Houston, TX - Not many people know that their reading speed is affected by incorrect and poor reading habits. Those who have poor reading skills or slow reading habits can now effectively rectify their poor reading habits and enhance their reading speed several times through the use of 7Speed Reading which is one of the best speed reading courses available today. This speed reading application makes use of the latest technology to help users improve their reading speed. This speed reading application promises that the users’ will be able to read 3 times faster. This does not simply improve the reading speed but it also improves memory skills as well as comprehension. There is no use reading fast if the information read cannot be retained or comprehended fully. So 7Speed Reading offers a holistic approach to speed reading unlike many other speed reading programs and speed reading books.

Today most of the jobs require speed reading skills and many find this a great obstacle in their career growth. 7Speed Reading program helps individuals fight this problem easily and enhance their career growth. Today people’s reading habits have changed dramatically. Most reading happens online today and but the reading skills have not been adapted to suit this changing trend. 7Speed Reading can be used to improve reading skills for all types of media including reading books, web pages, e-book readers, etc. This speed reading application offers seven excellent reading strategies, more than 15 software activities, easy to follow video training lessons and an in-built improvement assessment feature.

This speed reading program will help users reach comprehension levels as high as 94% to 98% and trains readers avoid regression problems using highly effective exercises. 7Speed Reading is a highly sophisticated speed reading application that is put together by experts in this field. This application addresses all possible erroneous reading problems effectively and corrects them effectively. To know more about this speed reading product please visit