Eastbay Behavior Therapy Center Launches Website with New Look

Eastbay gives a fresh look to its website. The new site design provides details on services offered for treating emotional disorders.

Online PR News – 20-January-2017 – Walnut Creek/California – Eastbay Behavior Therapy Center has recently launched a website with a new look. The new website clearly differentiates separate sections for the existing clients, new clients and the clinicians so that one can easily get what he is looking for.
The website clearly describes the kinds of emotional problems people face in their daily lives and the ways that are framed to fulfill certain goals of life. While going through the site, visitors can know how the therapists at the behavior therapy center work to address various issues of clients and strategize moves for ensuring effective behavioral changes.

The first step starts with telephonic screening where a client interacts with the representative of Eastbay. The representative analyzes the emotional disorders, which the client undergoes most of the time.

The next step requires the client to fill up a clinical questionnaire that allows the concerned person to gather information on the current issues of the client. Accordingly, the representative suggests the client to appear for an intake session. This session helps the client to acquire knowledge on treatments that cater to the requirements effectively. Based on the outcome of the intake session, the therapist recommends a therapy that improves the life of the client.

Individual Therapy
In the case of individual therapy, the therapist and the client jointly decide the goals to be achieved. The duration of a session varies on the complexity of the case. The therapist notes changes in behavioral patterns and asks the client for filling out additional forms. Accordingly, the therapist will make changes in the course of the therapy.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Dialectic Behavior Therapy addresses issues related to emotional dysregulation and borderline personality disorder. The objective of the treatment is to find out behaviors that are rigid, and frame strategies to make those workable.
Eastbay’s dialectical behavior therapy works the best on persons affected with eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma or depression. The sessions are designed in a manner where a patient can improve mindfulness, raise the level of distress tolerance, improve interpersonal skills and bring emotions into control.

OCD Therapy
Cases of obsessive compulsive disorder are rising among all genders and age groups. Eastbay also offers remedies to teens suffering from this kind of disorder. During the consulting phase, the therapist figures out the stimuli that make the patient suffer from anxiety. As per the observation, the therapist suggests treatment overcome those exposures.

Intensive Outpatient Program
East Bay conducts an intensive outpatient program for people suffering from OCD or other emotional disorders. A patient can attend sessions during morning, afternoon, evening or weekend. During the intake session, the therapist conducts OCD assessments and may ask other professionals to analyze the case.

The behavior center has found cases over the past a few months where adults and teens suffer from fear of humiliation or embarrassment in social situations. Eastbay has formed a social flexibility group that helps patients overcome their anxiety.

Aim of Social Flexibility Group
The duration of this program is ten weeks. Here, the therapist makes participants aware of the anxiety that has become a problematic issue in their lives. As per the issues, the therapist conducts exposure sessions for the clients.
Overall, the new look of the website makes it easier for the visitors to get the exact information they want to know.

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