Foot Clinic London – Offering A Host Of Award Winning Foot And Nail Treatment Services By Marion Yau

The Harley Street Medical Services London Foot and Nail Clinic is one and only foot and nail clinic that has multi-disciplinary team that includes nutritionist.

Online PR News – 20-January-2017 – London, UK – Harley Street Clinic is the one stop venue to get rid of all kinds of foot and nail ailments. The clinic is equipped with latest equipment, devices and technology plus has the multi-disciplinary team consisting of chiropodists, podiatrist, nutritionist, hygiene specialist, doctors, and so on. The clinic is the only one in the UK offering painless technology to its clients to provide comprehensive treatment for fungal nail infection London or any other kinds of fungal infection.

As the Harley Street Clinic is the only one to use all medical interventions to provide fungal nail treatment London, patients can be sure that they would be able to get results faster than they expected. The pain free treatment procedure is another reason why choosing Harley Street Clinic is a recommended option by many. There is always a team of medical professionals on standby to assist and ensure that the treatment goes on smoothly.

Harley Street Clinic has a very simple and straightforward process for getting the Lunula Laser London treatment started in the right direction. First, the doctor would carefully assess the fungal infection and thereafter, let the patient know as to how long it would tentatively take to treat the infection. In general cases, it takes around 4 to 8 sessions, but in some rare cases it might take a bit more time.

The results can be seen effectively after the first couple of sessions itself. For the nail related issues, it follows the surgery treatment, laser treatment and prescribed medication. The treatment by the clinic is directed towards ensuring that the patient gets the relief they need in a short span of time, while not having them to spend a fortune for fungal nail infection treatment London.


Harley Street Clinic is a foot and nail treatment clinic based in London that offers painless techniques and laser treatment for the treatment of fungal nail infection. They have experts in the field to help the patients and a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals to ensure the treatment is flawless and streamlined.

Contact the company by calling 020 3150 1655 or visit for more details.