Amazon Kindle 3 eBook Readers Books and Accessories are now available through Leon Enterprises.

Leon Enterprises better known for their clothing, publishing and marketing businesses are now venturing into the domestic consumer market inspired by the Kindle eBook Reader.

Online PR News – 23-December-2010 – – "The Kindle eBook Reader was the inspiration for our venture into the domestic consumer market," said Alan Raymond, founder and owner of Leon Enterprises after his wife, who knew that after a busy day there was nothing he liked more than to unwind with a good book, gave him one for his birthday.

He went on to say "With the amount of travelling I have to do often staying in hotels I find the best way for me to unwind and prepare for the next day is to read I guess I’m just a sucker for a good book."

"Typically I would end up in a hotel in the evening after a day of meeting clients or suppliers where after a meal I would retire to my room to make any phone calls I had to make my wife always being the first to see how she and my family were doing and any paperwork that had to be done. Then I would usually end up in the bar for a couple of drinks before going to bed sometimes I would read first before going to sleep."

"There was an advertising slogan a while back 'I was so impressed I bought the company.' Well, I’m certainly not about to buy Amazon," he laughed, "But impressed I certainly was. I take my Kindle with me now every time I am away from home it is so easy to download any book I want wherever I am so I am never short of a good book to read in fact I rarely go down to the bar these days because of it."

"When I said the Kindle was the inspiration for our new venture into the domestic consumer market it was because the eBook Reader has really opened my eyes to the new and exciting products there are these days and the opportunities that arise from them," he said.

"That is why we are now venturing into this market where our aim is to build a solid reputation for quality service and value for money. It is early days for us yet as the final website is still being developed what we have at the moment is only temporary. If it wasn’t for the Kindle I doubt we would have ever gone in this direction," he concluded.

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