The Guided Meditation Site Releases Free Guided Meditation

The Guided Meditation Site has released a free 20 minute guided meditation download.

Online PR News – 24-November-2010 – – The Guided Meditation Site, a popular online resource for guided meditation downloads, meditation music and meditation instructions, has released a brand new free guided meditation.

This particular guided meditation is what is known as a guided imagery meditation – a type of meditation that utilizes both relaxation techniques and guided visualizations so as to lead the listener into a state of deep meditation.

Guided visualizations and guided meditations have many uses in our modern era, and are usually tailored to help the listener achieve a specific goal. For example, they may be used for deep relaxation, for experiencing a deeper spiritual connection, for accessing the subconscious mind or for unleashing one’s creative potential. Guided imagery is also used as a form of therapeutic treatment to enhance traditional healing techniques, and it is also used quite frequently by the sporting community, for whom goal setting and visualization techniques have become common practice.

In this case, the guided meditation site has opted to release a guided imagery meditation that is focussed on bringing about a dramatic change in one’s emotional state – changes that leads the listener away from feelings of stress and towards feelings of intense inner happiness. Says the site's founder, Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke:

"We wanted to create a guided meditation that would really highlight just how effective guided imagery can be – a meditation that is not just relaxing, but one that is genuinely uplifting as well."

This new guided meditation has been aptly named, 'The Blissful Mind Meditation' – a title that reflects its purpose, which is to train the listener to access very positive states of mind through the simple act of visualization and relaxation.

This free guided imagery meditation is twenty minutes in duration and is just one of the many free downloads that are available from the Guided Meditation Site. Visitors can subscribe to the website for free and gain access to free music for meditation, sleep music, binaural music and plenty of information about meditation techniques.

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