Black Friday Sale: A New Twist Using Cyberspace

Virtual Business Opportunities Is Offering Discount Prices On Digital Products For Black Friday Sale

Online PR News – 24-November-2010 – – “Our goal is to provide our customers a great Black Friday Sale value on great digital products with safe and secure transactions,” said Preston Hatchell of VBO. “If the customer is looking for a super Black Friday Sale on downloadable digital products, they will find a safe transaction through VBO because it Is processed through Authorize Net, a widely used secure online processing center.” Black Friday Sales have become more popular in the last few years. People are more than willing to travel to their favorite store and stand in long lines at all hours or even camp-out in front of the store. The sales prices are usually on a limited number of items, for a limited time while supplies last. Scarcity and urgency are huge motivators for the sales. It seems some people will go to almost any lengths to acquire the sale items. VBO wants to break the mold of the typical Black Friday Sale by offering secure shopping online. The VBO Black Friday Sale is a one day sale on November 26, 2010. VBO is offering great discount coupons, as much as 50% off the already deeply discounted price for four digital products at one low price. VBO offers three different coupons and each coupon runs for only six hours on Friday. The best value coupon begins at 12:01 AM EST. After 6 PM EST the price goes back up to the original sale price, which by the way is still a great deal.
Consumers can preview the sale now through the VBO Black Friday Sale website now.

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