8 Minute Abs vs. The Truth About Abs: New Study Helps Consumers Decide

8 Minute Abs vs. the Truth About Abs; both are popular, but a recent study may determine the winner.

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – The 8 Minute Abs program has gotten more attention than probably any other abs program in history. “But publicity does not always mean a product is the best,” found Rebecca Berg. Berg is a freelance journalist for WLA News and will soon be releasing a study comparing the two. In her preliminary findings, Berg contends that more people are familiar with 8 Minute Abs, but more fitness experts like the Truth About Abs program better.

In her study, Berg focuses on how the 8 Minute Abs program focuses on “spot removing” fat while the Truth About Abs program urges a balance of cardio and diet. The 8 Minute Abs system involves 8 minutes of exercises and really burns the muscles in that area for an intense 8 minute abs workout.

The way to remove fat, suggests Mike Geary, the founder of Truth About Abs, is a vigorous cardio routine combined with a good diet. Berg believes Geary may be on to something. “The Truth About Abs system concludes that your body already has strong abs muscles. There’s just a layer of fat covering them up. Remove the fat with cardio and diet, and you will see your abs, they say.”

Berg expects her study will be ready by January, 2011, just in time for New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been closely monitoring both the 8 Minute Abs and Truth About Abs. Both have been selling well. Truth About Abs is the best selling workout program on the Internet, while 8 Minute Abs is better known. 8 Minute Abs or Truth About Abs; you’ll have to wait until January.

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