Buying WoW Gold Directly from Now Easier With New Site Design

The EpicToon web site was revamped recently to make it easier for customers to buy WoW gold. The new layout for is a lot more convenient, and more clearly displays all the different products that gamers need.

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – is a popular vendor found on the internet that offers various game resources. The web site primarily sells WoW gold and Aion Online Kinah, but also provides resources for many other popular massively multiplayer online role playing games, also known as MMORPGs. has been a reliable and trustworthy source that many online gamers prefer to go to when looking to buy WoW gold and online currency for other games.

Many players have a hard time simply grinding and farming for WoW gold, Aion Kinah, and other game resources. Farming can take a lot of time and energy out of the lives of even the most hardcore of gamers. has been providing such players alternatives to simply making WoW gold on their own.

The layout of the web site makes it a whole lot easier for regular customers to buy Aion Kinah, WoW gold, and online currency for many other popular games that include Lineage 2, Eve Online, Age of Conan, and Everquest 2. The new layout immediately reveals three simple drop-down menus for online gamers to choose the game they’re playing, the server they are in, and the amount of WoW gold or other resource that they wish to purchase. Placed right in the middle of the home page, it would be difficult for anyone to miss this new innovation that definitely makes it easier for people to buy WoW gold.

The large icons to the immediate right of the new and easy-to-access buying form can lead’s web site visitors to pages that are specific to many different games. Visitors can also buy WoW gold and other gaming resources from these pages, but are also given other important information regarding each icon’s respective games.

Other features of the site include an active tracker for customer orders. This is important for many gamers and helps build trust and confidence between and their regular customers. gives effort in maintaining its position as a trusted and reliable source for WoW gold, and their new web site features certainly makes it easier for customers to buy online currency.

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