UrbanFarmer Aquaponics Launches Home Systems in India

PR for latest home based Aquaponics systems launched by UrbanFarmer Aquaponics, India's emerging Aquaponics and Hydroponics Experts

Online PR News – 19-January-2017 – Mumbai India – UrbanFarmer Aquaponics launches its Aquaponics and Hydroponics business in India. The Mumbai based company plans to introduce fully functional aquaponics and hydroponics kits targeted at the urban population of the country who are keen to grow their own food but are constrained by space.

Vijay Narayanan, the co-founder of UrbanFarmer is confident that the company will not only help its customers grow healthy plants and vegetables at home but also engage kids and adults alike while imparting a healthy lifestyle.
Further, their website iurbanfarmer.com will be a one stop training resource for people to learn more about aquaponics and get trained.
UrbanFarmer is also in talks with technology partners and manufacturers in India and Australia and is actively seeking distributors in India and across the globe
The range includes a specialized kit for microgreens and named appropriately, Aquaponica Junior and two products for larger plants.
The products use key driving principles of aquaponics which include continuous flow technology, flood and drain or EBB, Air lift technology, Nutrient Film Technique or NFT and Deep Water Culture which is one of the oldest known form of Aquaponics

What is Aquaponics?
Recycling fish waste to fertilize plants is an ancient technique with roots in early South American and Asian civilizations and can be dated back to 1000 AD.
In modern times, aquaponics emerged from the aquaculture industry as fish farmers explored methods to raise fish while decreasing their dependence on land, water and other resources.
In the 70s, research began on using plants as a natural filter which led to multiple experiments. Subsequently, the first large scale commercial aquaponics facility, Bioshelters in Amherst, MA, was established in mid-1980s, and is still in operation today.
Home-based aquaponics owes its origin in the early 1990s to Tom and Paula Speraneo of S&S Aquafarms in West Plains, MO.
Generally, home-based or smaller systems are not easy to integrate. After years of study, UrbanFarmer is aiming to provide experimental and smaller functional systems to kids which can go into apartments and smaller homes in the urban environment.

About UrbanFarmer
Founded in 2016, UrbanFarmer brings gardening and farming within the reach of kids and adults dwelling in modern urban cities through alternate technologies such as aquaponics and hydroponics

To go beyond a plant pot in the window sill or a coffee table and provide a fully integrated and functional ecosystem with zero to minimal maintenance

Our Offerings
A functional kit to educate in a fun filled manner on various streams of science like Biology (Aquaculture, Agriculture & Microculture), Chemistry & Physics along with pleasure of growing your own food or decorative plants

To learn and experiment to grow herbs, plants and veggies
Detailed insights into latest technologies in farming like aquaponics and hydroponics
No clutter designs along with appealing aesthetics add aura to the overall ambience
Emphasizes on positive impact and values like responsibilities, recycling, sustainability, safety and importance of organic foods within our system

Please get in touch with UrbanFarmer for more details on products at info@iurbanfarmer.com