Morgan Reveals Mysteries Welcomes Guest Kevin Trudeau

Morgan Welcomed Natural Cures Advocate Kevin Trudeau On Morgan Reveals Mysteries Reinforcing Her Message: Change Can Bring About Good Health, Happiness, Then Abundance And Prosperity.

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – Morgan Reveals Mysteries can be heard every Thursday from 1 to 2pm on AM WVNJ 1160 or streaming live from Afterwards a Podcast is released and can be subscribed to free at: www.feedburner/

Every Thursday afternoon listeners tune in to hear the Host Morgan on Morgan Reveals Mysteries, sharing a mixture of ancient spiritual techniques, real life experiences, remedies and hope with a splash of mystery with her audience.

This weeks guest Kevin Trudeau, characterized by Morgan as “a modern day master” and a “freedom fighter” joined Morgan for an hour of honest, informative thought provoking discussion. Their discussion covered such topics as Kevin Trudeau’s legal battles, how the government has the power to alter digital book downloads without the permission of the author or the knowledge of the reader, America’s nutritional deficiencies and the lack of real food concentrates (supplements) with good nutrition, the disinformation being fed to the public by the media, the government and the pharmaceutical companies, and even doctors.

Self empowerment, and positive change being the impetus of the show Morgan, the listeners who call in or post questions on the website; ( and Mr. Trudeau addressed change throughout the show with statements such as “the good news is we do have the power.” “When people get educated they can make choices for change”.
“It’s how you live your life” and “Every time we purchase something we are virtually voting.”

Morgan discussed two of Trudeau”s many business ventures. First the “Kevin Trudeau’s Daily Life Essentials supplements that he announced will be hitting the market in February 2011 and second the rapidly growing foundation The Global Information Network which Kevin was a founder of and last weeks guest Peter Berec had promoted on the show.

Mr. Trudeau in true form delivered some eye opening, new and sometimes common sense information. Host Morgan stated “I may never be the same after this show”

Morgan Reveals is a talk radio show on self empowerment, eastern and western teachings, and the healing arts. Morgan owns and operates The Cosmic Heart Unity Center at in Montclair, N.J. The show airs the New York and Northern New Jersey area. On air every Thursday afternoon from 1-2 pm EST on WVNJ 1160AM, and will also be available right here on Podcast.