A Small Act Partners with Boom Boom! Revolution to Promote Acts of Kindness for a Better World

The team behind the documentary film A Small Act and the founders of Boom Boom! Revolution are working together to encourage people to perform acts of kindness

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – SANTA CRUZ, CA – November 23, 2010 – A Small Act, an HBO documentary film about the ripple effect of kindness, and Boom Boom! Revolution, creator of Boom Boom! cards, have joined forces in order to spread their shared message that small acts of kindness can effect big change.

Boom Boom! Revolution was founded on the belief that real, powerful, and lasting change does not begin somewhere “out there,” but rather with each person doing their part to create a better world. Each deck of Boom Boom! Cards provides 26 ideas for simple acts of kindness, such as buying a stranger a cup of coffee. After a person completes the act of kindness listed on the card, they can register the card on the Boom Boom! website and create a post about their experience with pictures and videos. Next, the card can be passed to someone else and then tracked online as it generates a chain reaction of good deeds across towns, communities, state lines, and even internationally.

A Small Act tells the story of Hilde Back, a Swedish woman who donated $15.00 a month to provide for the education of a young boy in Kenya, and Chris Mburu, the recipient of Ms. Back’s donation who went on to graduate from Harvard Law School and become a Human Rights Lawyer for the United Nations. The film chronicles Mr. Mburu’s search to find the stranger who changed his life with her generosity, as well as the scholarship program he starts on his own and names after her. This award-winning film was an official selection for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival, and 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival.

“Here at Boom Boom! Cards, we are all about small acts of kindness. We fundamentally believe that it’s small acts of kindness, films like A Small Act, and acts like what Hilde Back did for Chris that are going to really make this world better for all of us,” said Boom Boom! Revolution Co-Founder and CEO Mary Beth Campbell. “The message of this film ties in perfectly with our mission to instigate an uprising of guerilla goodness by encouraging people to perform the simple, everyday acts of kindness,” added Boom Boom! Revolution Co-Founder and Creative Director Hélène Scott.

“We are so thrilled to be collaborating with Boom Boom! Cards,” said Jennifer Arnold, director of A Small Act. “We believe that together we can spread our message that tiny gestures of kindness can create life-changing impact and inspire more good actions!”

As part of its partnership with the A Small Act HBO documentary film, Boom Boom! has created a special Boom Boom! card that will be handed out at each screening of the film. This card provides an idea for a simple act of kindness that can help to make the world a better place. Visit http://blog.boomboomcards.com/a-small-act for additional information about the film and how Boom Boom! and A Small Act are working together.

About Boom Boom!
Boom Boom! Revolution (BBR) is a social innovation company, founded in 2006. They create positive consumer products with the intention of inspiring an uprising of guerilla goodness. Boom Boom! Cards are the flagship product; they showcase a combined real world and online social network linking players globally through random acts of kindness that are paid forward. BBR is a 4th Sector Corporation, For Profit For Good. Boom Boom! Cards are made from 30-100% post consumer recyclable materials. Ten percent of the purchase price is donated directly to the charity of the purchaser’s choice. The BBR community can be found at www.boomboomcards.com.

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