John Staluppi and NY Auto Giant Executives Honored at Gala for National Kidney Registry

John Staluppi is very proud of his NY Auto Giant Executives as they are honored for their work the National Kidney Registry.

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – John Staluppi is a dedicated leader in giving back to the community so it’s only natural that desire would extend to his employees as well. Knowing that this is a noble purpose, NY Auto Giant Executives John Pickett and Michael Brown pushed efforts to make sure they can be of help to charitable organizations.

One of the latest endeavors John Staluppi and his team have entered into promoted the needs of the National Kidney Registry (NKR) and the people that will benefit from the foundation. The efforts paid off after the two were honored in a gala spearheaded by the said organization last November 17.

The Purpose of This Charitable Organization

The NKR offers assistance to those who are in need of kidney transplants. What they do is provide one international registry to help match kidney donors with recipients, and help make sure that those with kidney failure problems will continue living quality lives. The lives of kidney recipients are changed for the better, and those of the contributors become a guiding light for others to donate as well.

How Did Pickett and Brown Help the NKR?

The desire to give back to the community – this is one of the legacies John Staluppi passed on to people in his organizations—is a very honorable notion. NY Auto Giant dealerships hosted a fundraising event for the benefit of the NKR. Inspired by the difficulty faced by one of their dedicated employees, Jackie-Maher Burcia, the two participated in the NKR without any second thoughts.

Recognizing the fact that thousands upon thousands of individuals have been adversely affected by the plight, Mr. Pickett and Mr. Brown were able to attract more people to help serve the purpose of the NKR, and for their efforts, they were honored at the Second Annual Gala Reception and Dinner for the benefit of the National Kidney Registry Gala.

The Award

The NY Auto Giant executives were presented with plaques by the NKR’s Founder and President Garet Hill. The plaques were inscribed with inspiring words describing how these businessmen in the auto dealership business became sunshine to the lives of others.

They have touched the lives of kidney failure victims and their families. With that, there is no question that Mr. Pickett and Mr. Brown deserved the honor. As they have said while accepting their respective awards, this is something they have learned from their mentor, John Staluppi.