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A recently released website is helping local businesses in their search for the perfect advertising strategy.

Online PR News – 25-November-2010 – – Gainsborough, Lincolnshire ( onlineprnews ) November 23, 2010 - ( ) is a website owned by SEOTrafficLab, who are the primary experts in the Lincolnshire area for SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the technique of designing a website and creating website content for a business in a way that will increase its rank on a search engine results page. A search engine like Google does not take images or video into account when ranking a website, it bases its analysis completely on the text content of that site. So the more relevant text that a website has on the topic that was searched for, the better its rank.

However, takes this one step further by introducing businesses to a service that is free to sign up for and provides them with an easily edited and customized mini ‘website’. Most importantly, the search results that users find with Google Places are shown on an easy to read map, so that the consumer can see exactly how far away the product or service is from their home, and how to get there. Google Places is a comprehensive mapping service has a huge impact on local marketing, and has changed the way that customers find businesses.

The website,, promises to serve as a “haven for everything Google Places”, offering the user a guide into the marketing potential of this highly effective service. SEOTrafficLab are experts on maximizing the search engine ranking of business websites. By moving up the ranks in the search results, businesses will greatly increase the number of customers who are drawn to them. If you are the owner of a business, your sales will benefit immensely by improving your search engine visibility.

This new website will help you decipher the complex online world of SEO and Google Places. It also provides contact information for the helpful team at the SEO Traffic Lab.

SEOTrafficLab focuses on promoting businesses in three ways. The first is by targeting traffic to the website via search engine marketing and optimisation, and this is where the link to Google Places comes in. The other two ways are through Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Local Searches, and using Social Media. Promoting your business through a variety of channels and online media is proven to be an effective way to expand the number of people who end up viewing your information.

As of November 2010, the website has been released, and already contains informative content about how business owners can use Google Places ( ) to promote their business to a local audience.


Do your customers know where to find you? Unlock the full potential of Google Places ( ) with this comprehensive guide!