Digital Marketers India (DMIn) Announced To Offer Professional Blogging Services

Digital Marketers India (DMIn) made an announcement to offer professional Blogging Services to its global clients.

Online PR News – 18-January-2017 – Ahmdabad / Gujarat – Digital Marketers India (DMIn) is an Indian startup which offers digital marketing and related services to its clients. The company has been contributing to the growth of its clients with their unique and professional digital marketing services. As per the recent announcement made by the director of the company, they are offering professional Blogging services to their global clients. According to the shared details, this service will include two professional services:
1. Blog Content Writing
2. Blog Posting along with on-page optimization for each Blog post

Director of the company addressed media to share further details, “In my decade of experience in the digital marketing field, I have seen many changes and hiccups in search engine algorithms, digital marketing techniques and industry. But, above all, one thing has been consistent, and that is benefits of content. To be more specific, benefits of Blogging are still intact. Since the beginning of digital marketing, Blogging has been offering plethora of SEO benefits to any company regardless of the industry it belongs. Thus, Blogging is an activity which has to be part of your digital marketing action plan. It not only gain SEO benefits, but also project you as an industry expert sharing so much of rich knowledge to consumers.”

The professional Blogging services offered by Digital Marketers India (DMIn) will offer you regular Blog writing as well as posting on your Blogging environment. The experience content writers of the company will write SEO friendly content which can grab SEO content benefits to your domain. Once the content is ready, it will be posted by the SEO experts of the company on your Blogging platform, which can be your website or any other 3rd party Blogging website such as medium. The SEO experts of the company will perform different on page activities such as:
• Blog URL optimization
• Blog Title and meta description optimization
• Blog image optimization
• Hyperlink and Internal link structure optimization

All these activities will ensure to gain maximum possible benefits from the Blogging. The content writers brainstorm the topics and blog subject along with welcoming the valuable ideas and feedback from client. The Blog posting is done on a regular basis on predefined day and time by the company's executives. Each activity is done manually with absolute precision and punctuality. The company is known for its amazing procedures and marketing plan execution based on the buyer behavior.

“We are already offering this service to our clients around the globe. Some of them are digital marketing agencies themselves. They might be better than us in knowledge and expertise still they take our professional blogging services for a simple reason and that is we are both enthusiastic and well organized with the processes. The Blogging will give result only if it is done on a regular basis. The companies struggle for time to follow a schedule of Blog posting. Sometimes, they start and then leave it in between for various reasons. We help them with our professional Blogging services so they can focus on their business and we maintain their routines to stay in the market and at the same time, stand out of competition.”, shared director of Digital Marketers India (DMIn).

More details of the offered service are available on their official webpage here: