Linda Leven Publishes a New Novella: The Finale's Master Stroke

This is a novella about the arts and artists, those who grope in the dark and are finally driven to the wall … and those who ‘make it.

Online PR News – 17-January-2017 – New York, New York – In this shocking but profoundly philosophical novella, Linda, through an appalling tale of intense drama follows four women artists, three photographers and a writer, as they struggle to achieve recognition in their chosen fields. It is, in essence, a tale of those who grope in the dark and are finally driven to the wall, never succeeding … and those who ‘make it.

Fame, eminence, immortality—these are the only goals that drive Anne Sinclaire, an aged woman still seeking success in her ebbing life. But, is it too late for Anne to discover some astonishing talent hidden within her? Can she become a great painter, writer, composer, singer, or dancer? Or is she ordinary, destined to be a nobody—her name and life obliterated by death. This appears to be Anne’s destiny until an electrifying revelation strikes, a revelation unmasked by the populace and affirmed by three needy artists who wander into her life.

The work is a study of struggling artists, young and old, and what it really takes to reach a defined level of success in today’s super-connected world of instant media coverage and the worldwide internet where everyone has been liberated to freely toss his own mediocrity or genius into the immense conglomeration of voices around the world, all competing to ‘make it.’