Scientific Unification Tool Is Available To All Leaders: Grand Jury Examines Human Rights Violations

New book, 'With Justice for All: The Investigation of a 54-Sense Organic Technology of Behavior' indicts violators of our rights to life, information and unity

Online PR News – 17-January-2017 – Friday Harbor and San Juan Island, WA – A new book, "With Justice for All: The Investigation of a 54-Sense Organic Technology of Behavior," gives readers and a grand jury the missing glue that we need to interlock ourselves in unity with each other and the world. The paperback or e-book contains the testimony of 29 witnesses in a metaphor class action suit about the violation of our constitutional rights to life and information by the U.S. Department of Education. This violation prevents the unification that we need today.

The grand jury probe accuses its defendants of negligence because they withhold from the public "GreenWave-54" a social technology that brings 46 biological senses into play that we are presently educated to suppress. It enables us to connect all these senses to natural areas which strengthens their unifying powers. This enables us to reduce by 85 percent the lies, greed and madness that increasingly pull the world apart today.

In comparison to 1974, Earth is now 45 percent in natural-resource deficit each year and counting. Half the species alive in 1972 have been eradicated while mental illness has increased by half and this trend is true for most other disorders, too. Nobody knows the source of this catastrophe or has a cure for it because GreenWave-54 information has been concealed by the defendants.

The author of "With Justice for All," Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director of Project NatureConnect has written ten previous books on Organics. He says "This probe demonstrates to it jury and the reader that the life of our planet is also our life and as we disturb it we disturb ourselves. We suffer a wide range of troubles by not thinking and relating with all 54 of our natural senses, including the fact that we have 54 of them. Without them we weaken the life and integrity of our planet and ourselves by 85 percent. This reduces our sensibility and resilience to what ails us personally, socially and environmentally."


"'With Justice for All' is a 78 page, illustrated. softcover book from", said Cohen. "However, because it makes a critical contribution, it's warrantied text is also free, online, and as an e-book from www.Project There it includes links to how to learn, apply and teach the GreenWave-54 process independently or as part of online CEU courses and funded degree programs. To the benefit of all of life, when GreenWave-54 is added to our relationships or livelihood it unifies and supports them while it reduces budgets."

Contact: Mike Cohen 360-378-6313
Visit: It includes free links to the book along with its methods and materials.

Author's Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

In 1948 I occasionally marched, gave speeches and sang songs as part of protests that supported causes of the United World Federalists and Progressives. I did this because their platforms called for personal and global unity then as they do now. For sixty-eight years, and centuries before, these actions for peace, justice and the environment have only made slow headway. This is because a powerful, unifying component has always been missing from them.

It is outrageous that in 2016 a candidate for U. S. President bragged to the nation that he could unify us while also stating that he could kill an innocent person in full public view and still win the election. Incredibly, that candidate won. How unifying does that feel?

How could this paradox happen? What unifying component are our protests, sciences and education still missing? Our disunity will continue to worsen as long as the organic art and science of "GreenWave-54" is omitted from our actions and personal relationships. There is no excuse for this. GreenWave-54 is available as per the release, above. Why not be part of the solution? Publish its message in some form and prevent the life of Earth and us from continuing to fall apart. Help folks apply the unifying "GreenWave glue" we desperately need. Let them know that it is available, free, online or as a softcover book from The book "With Justice for All" demonstrates that it is impossible to responsibly unify to the benefit of all without using GreenWave-54.

Is there anyone on your staff interested in reversing our personal, social and environmental dilemmas instead of continuing to just report that we have them? Can you share this release with that staff member(s) so they can contribute to personal and global well-being?

For Peace on Earth Through Peace With Earth,
Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D, Ph.D.

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