Abdul Zahir Bashir Presents All Types of Power Equipments

Demand of power supply equipment's in the united Arab Emirates. It focuses on the important power equipments and their main uses in industries.

Online PR News – 16-January-2017 – Dubai, Dubai – 16-01-2017
Dubai, UAE

With the increasing population and economic expansion in the United Arab Emirates, the demand for electricity is increasing rapidly. According to industry estimates, the power consumption is set to increase from the current 105 terawatt hours to over 141 terawatt hours in the year 2020. Increased power demand has come with gradual increase in the demand for power generation equipments.

According to established power generators manufacturers, demand for generators in the year 2015 increased by more than 30% compared to the previous years. This uptrend is still there and demand momentum is still strong.Some of the key power equipments discussed here includes:

Diesel and Petrol Generators

The demand for these generators comes from several sources. These smaller generation units are used for emergency power backups. They also serve to feed the power to the utility grid in instances where there is a shortage from the mega power stations. Ships also present a heavy demand for diesel generators and petrol generators, not only for appliances and for gadgets but at times used for main propulsion.

Gas and Kerosene Generators

Similar to the diesel run generator, the gas powered generator use gas to run the engine. The engine then runs an installed alternator to produce electrical power. The generators also have the power outlet unit that allow you to tap power to the building or plug in for electrical appliances.

The demand for these generators is also on the rise in the Emirates due to increasing electricity needs, both as backup power supply as well as adding power to the grid.

Construction projects are also major users of portable generators where main power has not been connected.

Power Inverters

The power inverters are primarily used in provision of solar energy. In the UAE, solar energy is proving to be a worthy alternative due to the increased demand for electricity. Experts estimate that the solar power inverters market is set to grow by over 10% per year until the year 2021.

Solar Panels Market Outlook

These are special panels used to convert solar/suns energy to the electrical energy. The solar plate provides current in the form of direct current, which is converted by the inverters to alternating current. With the economy of the country developing at an average of 4 % per annum, power consumption is also set to grow by more than 4% per annum.

The government Of UAE has therefore launched projects of developing solar hybrid power systems whereby solar power stations also feed the main grid in a bid to add onto the power supply.

Alternator Demand Status

Increased power consumption has had an impact on the demand for all the supporting products. Alternators are connected to the engines to generate the electricity. There are three major categories of these based on the power output. These are basically low voltage, medium and high voltage. Among these segments, the low and medium voltage segment have the highest demand due to their wide usage.

Market analysts estimate the demand growth to be about 5%per annum. This is due to increasing demand for backup power supply in the emerging and developing Middle East markets. The automotive sector has also played a major role at enhancing this demand.

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