Sign language to become obsolete

Alternative communication devices all set to change the way communication takes place for physically challenged and impaired people

Online PR News – 24-November-2010 – – Sterling Virginia October 6, 2010 - New and technologically advanced, innovative and cutting edge alternative communication devices and communication devices have arrived. The New age communication devices by O'Brien Technologies will allow the physically impaired and challenged populations especially the non-verbal, minimally verbal and little verbal people with complete comfort to express themselves. The physically impaired people now can face the world around them with more comfort, ease and confidence with these technologically sound devices.

O'Brien Technologies, the manufacturer and the seller of the innovative communication system has announced the launch of a two-device system that is highly flexible and adaptable for users of all ages. The new Alternative Communication Device and Communication Device by O'Brien Technologies have two units, one unit for the user, and a second unit for caregivers. The new device invented by the company will allow the users with the comfort of communication that would have been enjoyed by them if they were not physically impaired. Of course no single solution would be perfect for all the people. Keeping these points in mind the O'Brien Technologies has launched the new Speech Companion System with flexible communication program that takes into account the individual’s unique characteristics and abilities.

The O'Brien Communication system is hand held operated device that can be used by use of one finger or touch screen. The touch screen menu is scrollable with the categorized listing and the user can look for the desired topic. Once he finds the desired topic he can select from the tap the screen and a sub-list of messages with corresponding pictures appears. The screen then goes to an enlarged picture and displays the words to be spoken. An extra tap is there to confirm the message and this causes the user unit to speak audibly. The users of the device then can customize the usage by the myO'Brien desktop application. The software allows the content to be changed as desired. The user can even impart the pictures and can add new content.

The device is equipped with Companion unit that connects the user via Bluetooth technology. In this way, the caregiver can select a customized, pre-programmed question on the companion unit and the user can then select the appropriate response on the screen that gets automatically directed to the users.

About O'Brien Technologies

O'Brien Technologies, Inc. is a Northern Virginia based company that is established to manufacture, sell and market the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices and technology. These are the devices which are required to assist the Speech Language Pathologists and the healthcare practitioners to treat the persons with critical communication problems. The company is dedicated to providing individuals of all ages with innovative AAC technology designed to facilitate speech communication and aid in recovery with real time information, support resources, and dependable hardware and software solutions.

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