Facebook Email Service Ready to Roll - HP Group Give Their Verdict

Facebook is to launch its own email service and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, claims it signals the end of email as we know it say HP Group.

Online PR News – 23-November-2010 – – His version integrates all web and text based communications and the 26 year old claims that traditional email is too slow and formal. HP Group SEO experts believe that whilst the Facebook version is great for youngsters and their social lives it cannot replace the necessity of traditional email for business use.

Ben Milleare, technical director for HP Group SEO, had this to say: “The launch of Facebook’s new messaging system is by no means the end of email as we know it. Zuckerberg might claim that that the new web generation think email is ‘too formal’ and that IM –style communication is the way forward – but these kids will eventually grow up and move into the business world. While the future of email is unlikely to be the traditional SMTP/POP infrastructure we know today, and integration of communication channels is undoubtedly key – it’s only the young naïve generation that will happily let Facebook be the gatekeeper to their contacts.”

Along with the new Facebook.com email addresses comes the ability to save entire conversations going back over years and complete spam filtering. Is this safe, we ask? Face book boasts 500 million users that potentially could take up the email option, in direct competition with Hotmail’s 362 million users and Gmail’s 193 million. It is also thought that this new facility rivals AOL with their web-based email programme designed to incorporate different communication formats – Project Phoenix.

So what makes this service so different? Messages will be sent in any format form email to instant messaging to text message and responses can be sent in any format too. The style is much less formal and more ‘IM’ in feel which is quick and convenient but professional looking – we’ll see when it’s rolled out over the coming few months.

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