Blueberry water at work refreshes tired personnel

Aromhuset is launching six of its successful flavours in larger pump bottles developed for water dispensers at the office.

Online PR News – 24-November-2010 – – Water is the largest component of the human body. It fulfils an endless number of functions, and without water we cannot last many days. We are constantly losing water, through breathing and in sweat and urine, so we need to top up the body's water levels with at least 1-2 litres per day, or we begin to suffer the effects of dehydration. Dehydration does not always mean that you feel thirsty, other early symptoms include feeling a little weak and unfocused, headache and dry mouth. On hot days, or days when you feel extra stressed, you should drink extra water at regular intervals to avoid the threat of dehydration.

A lot of people at the workplace in Sweden - and throughout the rest of the world for that matter - have become dependant on caffeinated drinks to get them through the working day.

Unfortunately coffee and other caffeinated drinks have diuretic properties and will dehydrate the body. Instead of topping up the water levels when the body shows signs of dehydration we take a cup of coffee. This helps for a little while, but then you will start to feel even more tired, and have more difficulty concentrating, leading to more coffee and the evil circle is born. One recommendation is to switch some of that coffee for regular water, or to drink water with each cup of coffee.

Awareness that we should be drinking more water is increasing all the time, and this is also true of Sweden's employers, who are installing more and more water dispensers in their workplaces. Dispensers give staff access to cold, healthy water in the workplace, and in addition are a pleasant place to meet colleagues. A little like the old smoking break, but considerably healthier. Modern water dispensers often have a carbonation unit to encourage more people to drink water. Sparkling water is after all much more interesting than plain old flat water.

Aromhuset's flavours for carbonated water have been a great success with consumers. There is a variety of flavours available, all of which can be combined to create different tastes. In addition they are totally free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, so they are attractive to everybody from parents of small children to diabetics and dieters.

We are increasingly aware of what we put into our bodies, and the ability to flavour carbonated water without any negative health effects has been very welcomed.

The flavours that are now being launched in new, larger, pump bottles suit workplace dispensers perfectly. One pump is enough for a small plastic mug containing around 150 ml of carbonated water, and 3-4 pumps is about right for half a litre of water. Each essence bottle contains 270 ml, which is enough to flavour 58 litres of water. Blueberry is a flavour that is easy to like since it is both sweet and tart - exactly like blueberries should taste. Other flavours available in the new pump bottles are Melon, Raspberry, Peach, Apple and Pomegranate. Strand also points out that he is on the lookout for new importers for his innovative essences to make them available world wide.

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