Docebo Announces Proudly The Release Of The Latest Version Of Its Open Source E-Learning Platform

Docebo has released a new version of open source E-learning platform DoceboLMS 4.0. This new version is integrated with Facebook, Linkedin, Google and Twitter. There is no licence fee required for DoceboLMS e-learning.

Online PR News – 24-November-2010 – – MACHERIO (MI) - DoceboLMS, which is open source e-learning platform, has recently announced the release of new version DoceboLMS 4.0. This open source elearning platform is being used in a number of sectors including corporate sectors, government sectors and education sectors. Currently DoceboLMS supports 25 languages and it is compatible with various didactic models including Blended, Self-directed, Collaborative and Social learning models.
This latest version announced by DoceboLMS 4.0 is integrated with number of social networking platforms including, Facebook. Linkedin, Google and Twitter making it More “social”, More “informal” and More “enterprise”. The latest release integrates social training and third party applications taking online training to a new level. DoceboLMS 4.0 introduces new ways of delivering online support for learning simulators, informal training, social learning and more. As part of learning simulators serious games and interactive games can be integrated and as part of social learning DoceboLMS 4.0 is integrated with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and e Google. Number of new community tools including online lessons are activated. Added to that this new version comes with completely rewritten new manual.
DoceboLMS E-learning platform involves no licence fees and this open source is used throughout the world.
This new version, DoceboLMS 4.0 is bound to revolutionize the e-learning platform giving it new capabilities. DoceboLMS 4.0 e-learning platform targets to reach at least 80% of the worldwide market.
About Docebo
DoceboLMS is from Docebo, which operates at an international level. This company manages several e-learning projects for large sized corporate bodies and organizations. They also offer a number of other integrated services for distance training including but not limited to DoceboLMS E-Learning Software, Multimedia Courses, Consultancy Services And Project Management.
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