IBG Capital Partners’ survey finds Sustainable Investing poised for growth

IBG Capital Partners’ Sustainable Investment survey which was carried out from December 2015-2016 showed a positive response towards sustainable investing.

Online PR News – 12-January-2017 – HONG KONG – IBG Capital Partners’ survey showed that over 70% of active individual investors describe themselves as interested in sustainable investing and the other 30% believe sustainable investing will become more prevalent over the next five years.

IBG Capital Partners’ survey findings also examined the attitudes and perceptions of individual investors towards sustainable investing and considers the broader implications for investors and corporations.

IBG Capital Partners’ Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Craig Ireland commented on the survey findings saying “The trajectory for sustainable investing continues to grow. What used to be a bifurcated decision, one between investing to make money and giving to good causes is increasingly becoming a blended conversation as investors look to harness the power of the capital markets as a force for positive impact.”

IBG Capital Partners’ Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Jessica Huang also commented on the survey saying “As sustainable business practices and investment options become more important to investors, sustainable investing is working to drive scalable investment solutions that seek to achieve market-rate returns and help address global challenges.”

“Results from the survey point to how individual investors already factor sustainability into their investment decisions and show that there is still room to grow. Nearly three out of four active individual investors believe that companies with good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices can achieve higher profitability and are better long-term investments,” added Ms. Huang, Chief Financial Officer of IBG Capital Partners.

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