RANS Holding Gives its Employees Part Ownership in their Upcoming Software Product

RANS Holding announced that the company is giving part ownership of its upcoming product to their development team.

Online PR News – 12-January-2017 – 12/01/2017 San Antonio/Tx – Following its latest product announcement, RANS Holding made another announcement today. The company is giving part ownership of its upcoming product to their development team. The Jain brothers believe when team members have ownership, it will improve the accountability and efficiency over the entire development process.
RANS Holding had recently announced that they have acquired an unfinished CRM developed by a young entrepreneur in India. The company plans to develop this CRM into a comprehensive software solution for field service industries.
The announcement of giving part ownership was made by Nitesh Jain and Rakesh Jain in a meeting with their team. A member from their team signed a legal agreement on behalf of all team members. Everyone on the team was excited with the announcement and the team members celebrated with a lunch party. The Jain brothers also believe that when team members are given ownership, they share the ambition and enthusiasm of the company. Now, with the team members being owners of the product, nothing can stop them from moving ahead and achieving their targets.
The Jain brothers’ vision is to bring a positive influence in people’s lives and help employees and customers achieve their dreams. For the Jain brothers, employee shareholding is not only a monetary reward, it also ensures the development of both the company and its team.
Nitesh Jain once mentioned that a business is a three-legged stool. The first leg is financials of the company, the second leg is the employees and third leg is the customers. To run a successful company, it is important to keep a proper balance between all the three legs. The Jain brothers believe that giving team members ownership in the upcoming product is one step towards a long term balanced association.
About RANS Holding: Founded by Rakesh Jain and Nitesh Jain, RANS Holding has been providing service automation and custom software solutions across different industries. Their portfolio includes successful products like Service Automation Software, GoGetQuality and LeadNow.