Startup launches "the brain" for business

To miss messages in WhatsApp, files exchanged in Slack, notes made in Evernote, spreadsheets in Google Drive, photos in Dropbox, etc.

Online PR News – 12-January-2017 – Sao Paulo – It's not easy dealing with all those tools, and remembering where is the important information for workday.

To solve this, NewAgent app has functionalities that work like a memory that retains and finds the information in seconds.

When people use the app to communicate and connect other tools, the work becomes simpler. Information can be accessed fastly, it's just to type in the search field what is needed to find a file, a message or a content.

Information sharing is very easy. All you have to do is chose a group, a person or even the whole company to publish a content.

It is also possible to organize the contents with menus for not so dynamic information such as manuals, procedures, company history, etc.

NewAgent is now available and can be accessed on: