Ehaat: An Online Company For The Rural Market
11 January 2017
Jan 11, 2017, New Delhi: The company eHaat, which is an e-commerce platform, is bringing world class services and products to the rural market. Details were revealed by top executives of the company in a press meet held in the city, recently. They also highlighted the various products sold through the company. “We are a hybrid e-commerce platform that connects rural customers with merchant partners via the internet enabled, village level franchises. Ehaat has more than 1600 rural franchises which make customers able to buy a wide variety of services and products such as large and small appliances, FMCG, mobile phones, digital services, and electronic items. Also, we include rural based products like pesticides, agricultural tools, and fertilizers. New products are being added on a daily basis,” said one executive. Ehaat brings to the market, services, and products to over 1,00,000 customers who are not reachable for merchants and brands. It provides total fulfilment, distribution, and marketing for merchant partners. eHaat is a trading arm of DhampurSugar Mills. This parent company has had 8 decades of rural presence. “Our strong rural presence makes it possible to establish contact with remote customers while profitability is ensured with our lean model of distribution,” said an executive. There are two ways to sell objects throughEhaat. Join as a merchant partner or as a retail partner. eHaat provides merchant partners with total fulfilment and marketing solutions, by bringing their services and products to consumers in rural areas. Ehaat has a set network of rural retail points which connect Ehaat e-commerce platforms with rural consumers. Our retail points in villages are the best last mile links between consumers and brands. It is a marketing endeavour of DhampurSugar Mills,which is a reputed brand with experience of 80 years. Thus,Ehaat is poised in a position of advantage with rural consumers. The other option is to join Ehaat as a retail partner. If offers rural entrepreneurs an amazing business opportunity for joining the site as a retail partner. They can generate income regularly by selling a wide variety of top quality products to the local community. The retail partners of eHaat enjoy the advantage of linking with a reputable and fast growing company. This company sources products from direct ties with manufacturers that guarantee economic prices.” Our retail partners find it convenient to order products anytime using our website and these products are delivered directly to their shops. eHaat also supports retail partners in the branding of their business and promotional local activities,” said an executive. The executives threw light on the major genres of products: Solar and Power products (inverters and batteries, lighting), Mobiles and Electronics (mobiles, televisions, cameras, computers, earphones, home audio, home video), Appliances (home appliances, kitchen appliances, water purifiers, kitchen utensils, water heaters, sewing machines, pumps), Agricultural products (Bio-organics, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, tools,) and daily need items (edible oil, beverages, spices, detergents and personal care items).