15 to Life the realest competition on TV comes to your city

15 to Life will give one hard working artist the chance of lifetime. They will compete nationally

Online PR News – 23-November-2010 – – 15 To Life
The realist competition on TV comes to your city

15 to Life is the latest reality show that being filmed by Viacom and Raging Bull Enterprises. 15 to Life will give one hard working artist, band or group an opportunity of a lifetime. The show will give an artist the opportunity to turn their fifteen minutes of fame into a lifetime.

15 to Life will have artists from across the nation competing for a chance to win a major recording and distribution deal , 7 country tour and up to $750,000 in cash and prizes. 15 to Life is different from previous major talent competitions.

15 to Life will have artist competing playing their original music. 15 to Life will every aspect of what it takes an artist to win this competition from the moment they win their regional competition. 15 to Life will highlight the personal lives of the artists and the communities they live

15 to Life is currently filming their regional competitions. We are looking for the best artist to represent their local area. The competition is open to artists of all genres. We want the best possible artist to come out of each region to increase the level of the national competition. The nature of the artists will help determine which Viacom channel 15 to Life best fits.

15 to Life is in your community looking for the best possible talent. 15 to Life will be putting the best small town artist vs the best best artist in major markets. We have taken our time to carefully select each city that will be involved in the competition.

We know this is a unique opportunity. This is a chance for raw talent to develop in front of America’s eyes. This is a chance for the local communities to benefit from the success of the artist that represent them.

We are asking the local media to help us in our quest to find the best! We are asking that the local media inform their audience that 15 to Life is filming in your town and let them know about this unique opportunity. We are also asking local media to get involved in the judging process. We are asking the media to give us a judge for our panel. and help us find the best artist in your area.

If you would like more information about 15 to Life or want to schedule an interview, please email me us 15tolifetv@gmail.com.

visit our website www.15tolife.net