New Online Shopping Site Enhancements Just In Time For Cyber Monday 2010 Holiday Shopping Season

Online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity seemingly every single day, and will only continue its growth. With new features, customization options, and increased cash back, the Web is drawing more shoppers to it every day.

Online PR News – 23-November-2010 – – When Market America first launched the Web Portal, they knew they were making a commitment to stay at the cutting-edge of technology, to remain competitive during a growing paradigm shift. As more and more people shift their buying habits toward “click and order” and away from “brick and mortar,” they’re taking their business to the sites with the most convenient and enjoyable online shopping experience. To meet the needs of this expanding market, Market America is making even more important improvements to help make the Web Portal a simple, fun and addictive online experience. With new features, customization options, and increased cash back, the Web Portal is drawing more people to it every day.
As technology continues to move forward, redesigns to reflect the most current trends and usability features are often required. That is why they have completely redesigned the home page. The new, cleaner layout of the Portal is based on feedback from our user test groups – reflecting features users want. With an easy-to-read site map located on the bottom of the page, users can jump quickly to the sections they want to, without any hassle.

The ma Cashback program is a magnet that naturally attracts customers, more orders, and eventual business partners. This incredible system rewards shoppers for using the Portal by offering them cash back for their qualifying purchases, as well as the purchases of customers they refer to shop on the Portal.

Market America is excited to announce two enhancements to the already amazing ma Cashback program:
1. They are now offering increased ma Cashback on certain ma products for a limited time or based on certain quantities that are ordered. These exclusive deals offer up to 50 percent cash back and have been made prominent for your customers to view under the Hot Deals tab on the Portal.
2. They have now made it easier to see which stores and products offer increased ma Cashback. In the Partner Stores section of the Portal, the option is now available to sort retailers from the highest cash back to the lowest. Also, a green ribbon has been added to the product image to make the increased cash back more prominently displayed. Plus, the cash back amount is highlighted and the old cash back amount is crossed out. This makes for easier shopping and the benefits using are even more noticeable!

Every shopper wants to save money on the products they need and want. With the Market America Hot Deals page, customers and Customer Managers can save big on purchases while still earning cash back! From the Hot Deals page, you don’t need to hunt around for great savings — all the best discounts and coupon codes are right there! Search by store or store type, sort deals by their expiration date, category, or type of deal. You can even select how many deals you will see per page.
Short-term and long-term increased cash back deals on specific Market America products are featured prominently on the page, so customers can quickly find out which of their favorite products are currently offering even higher cash back. These deals only last for a limited time, and are updated daily, so check back frequently to get the best deals. Now you’re getting paid to save!

Great deals are even better when you can share them with your family and friends. With the “Invite Friends” feature, sharing great products and money-saving opportunities is as easy as clicking a button. By using the “Invite Friends” tool, you can invite your family, friends and associates to the Portal, which will introduce them to the revolutionary ma® Cashback program. The “Invite Friends” feature instantly imports your contacts from your e-mail contact list and allows you to send a pre-made or personalized message to them, inviting them to discover the ultimate online destination. Currently, the “Invite Friends” feature is compatible with Hotmail, Yahoo!, Outlook and Gmail contact lists. This is a great way to refer your friends and start earning ½ percent cash back on all of their future qualifying purchases! You can share with even more friends by utilizing our great assortment of widgets. With convenient tools to link your favorite products to Facebook, MySpace and more, it’s easy to introduce your friends to things they’ll love!

Coming soon, the front page and product detail pages will feature a revolutionary recommendations engine. The recommendations section of the page will provide an amazing amount of information based upon a customer’s shopping habits, browsing, preferences and purchases. For the person arriving to the site for the first time, the “Top Sellers” view will be displayed, which will provide recommendations based on the most popular products.
As a customer shops and places orders, the information about those purchases will be stored, and over time our recommendations engine will match a shopper’s unique shopping habits to similar products and like categories –thus making a customer’s Portal visit much more personal in nature. The recommendations feature will ensure loyalty and increased shopping from Market America’s customers because we will make shopping easier by offering the recommendations tailored to each customer’s lifestyle.

The recommendations engine will combine collaborative human opinion (rating, purchasing history, etc.) with computer-based learning of personal preferences. It will help them present items to their customers that are tailored to their likes and needs, providing a better shopping experience and eliminating the unnecessary time in locating great products.
Now available on the Web Portal, ma Auctions lists hundreds of name-brand products with bids starting at $1 and no preset reserve amounts. Market America posts the most popular products and the customer(s) bidding on the product sets its value. Customers get great deals plus the 2 percent ma Cashback, while Customer Managers get up to 9 percent IBV. This will create stickiness on the Portal, and bring their customers back time and time again.
Shifting your buying habits to online shopping can be difficult at first. Often, people don’t think of the day-to-day items they need as something they can purchase online. Market America has developed an online Home Shopping List that launched in September to make this process easier. This easy-to-use list demonstrates how products customers use every day can be purchased easily and affordably through Market America. By transferring buying habits to the Portal, customers have the opportunity to get paid to shop through the ma Cashback program and enjoy great savings. With improved search capabilities, and even better ways to sort search results, customers can find exactly what they want, exactly the way they want to.