Glendale Raptors Fly Frontier Via Infinity Park Sponsorship

Glendale, CO - Frontier Airlines has signed on to sponsor Glendale’s Infinity Park as the official airline carrier for the Glendale Raptors rugby organization.

Online PR News – 23-November-2010 – – Frontier’s Marketing and Branding Vice President, Ian Arthur, says that this sponsorship at Infinity Park is a good match. “Infinity Park has the assets that we love in this community, and we can service all of their travel needs – it’s a great partnership.”

The Glendale Raptors will be flying on Frontier Airlines for all games in cities serviced by Frontier. Mr. Arthur is pleased to be handling travel for a rugby team as part of this sponsorship. “My daughter plays rugby for the Boulder High Rugby team, so I’m really familiar with the sport and I love it.”

Though the Frontier branding will surely be a big presence at Infinity Park’s Rugby Stadium, the company has also spent time at the Infinity Park Event Center where they hosted their ‘Undercover Boss Party’ and plan to book an ‘All Management Meeting’ in the future.

In May 2010, Infinity Park completed a major expansion to the main entrance area of the stadium which includes a 37,400 sq ft event venue ideal for stadium hospitality functions, festivals, corporate picnics, weddings and boutique concerts. Infinity Park has named this festival plaza area Frontier Festival Plaza. Ian Arthur approves whole heartedly with the new affiliation. “It’s a phenomenal facility. We love that it’s very high tech and modern.”

According to Arthur, Frontier started as a low cost alternative in the Denver market. “As Denver was building the new airport and was losing service with some of the major carriers, the founders of Frontier saw an opportunity to come in and offer a low cost alternative to the airlines that were here, which were primarily legacy carriers.”

Over the years Frontier grew as that kind of a carrier. They made the decision in early 2000 to update their fleet with new Airbus Airplanes which was a step up for Frontier. At that point it was decided that they had better create a brand and create a choice for consumers in the marketplace. That’s when the ‘whole different animal’ marketing campaign took place.

Frontier’s signature branding with the animal characters and super-sized typography has been a prevalent sight at Denver International Airport for nearly eight years. Today, Frontier Airlines is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings Inc., but Arthur say that change has not taken Frontier from their home at DIA. “With the purchase by Republic, Denver is still the major market (75% of commercial business), and Milwaukee is our other major hub, with Kansas City as a pretty significant part of our network.”

Arthur says that Frontier’s sponsorship program really is based on supporting community and that the new partnership with Infinity Park and the Glendale Raptors is promising. “The reason we have an association with Infinity Park is we know they have a loyal fan base, and if they’re loyal to the Raptors, hopefully they’ll become loyal to us.” He continues, “We’ll run a number of special programs through Infinity Park and their fans and followers can look forward to seeing some great pricing, some great value and some wonderful promotions from Frontier Airlines.”

While Frontier has a long history with the Denver Metro Area, Ian Arthur says that this new partnership in the City of Glendale offers a grassroots freshness. “It’s a family feeling in Glendale and our culture here at Frontier is based on a family model.” He explains, “We have a lot of employees who live in Glendale and who actually encouraged us to reach out to Infinity Park, and it’s worked out very well.”

Your next flight on Frontier Airlines might just be a seat next to a Glendale Raptors rugby player. They can’t promise that, but you can at least count on a chocolate chip cookie on every Frontier flight.

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