SYNQ launches cloud video API for developers

SYNQ has launched a developer-focused video API designed to bring video capabilities to any app or service. A full video infrastructure in a box!

Online PR News – 11-January-2017 – Oslo/Norway – If you are a developer who wants to give your web or app users the features of uploading, storing and playing back video, you don't have to worry about building your own video content management system. You don't even need to license one of the existing ones. Developers can now use the cloud video API offered by SYNQ, and get started with just a few lines of code.

SYNQ's unique video API is a complete and flexible end-to-end video infrastructure that enables developers to create new scalable video services in just hours. It offers extensive and easy to use documentation and a range of code libraries enabling developers to get started quickly.

SYNQ was founded in 2014 by Stian Hauge and Kasper-Niclas Andersen after their start-up faced difficulties finding an easy-to-use and flexible video solution. They realized that though there was a huge demand for it, there was certainly a lack of such services in the market. The team took on the challenge to create a developer-centric and advanced video API, that could cover most use-cases.

The company focuses on creating a developer-centric video API that adjusts and innovates to meet the needs of the developers. Developers can use their API to upload, transcode, store and playback videos anywhere. The API also allows for unique programmable webhooks and queries to create video workflows.

There are several other video platforms in the market that take care of storage, transcoding and distribution, but what sets SYNQ apart is that it offers customizability and flexible data structures. It provides an API that allows:

· Easy upload and storage of videos for mobile and web.

· Attaching custom video metadata to contextualize videos.

· Unique programmable webhooks and advanced queries.

· Multi-CDN switching to increase performance and improve user experience.

· Multiple SDKs (Python, Javascript, iOS, Android).

· Support for all platforms and secure playback on all devices.

Both the video market and API community is rapidly growing and Stian Hauge, one of the founders, is confident that SYNQ will be the go-to service when it comes to implementing a video infrastructure at a fast and cost efficient way. There is no tiered pricing or monthly spend requirement, and SYNQ offers a convenient and transparent pay-as-you-go pricing model.

"SYNQ aims to become for video what Twilio is for messaging" - Stian Hauge, CEO, SYNQ AS