Company launches Bulk SMS Software to send text messages globally
11 January 2017
Bulk SMS Software is developed to compose and send multiple text messages from computer system to mobile phone via using USB Modem, GSM, Windows or Android technology based mobile phone device. Text messaging utility enables users to broadcast all type of personal and business text messages without using internet connection. Software supports Unicode characters to send text messages in different languages. Text messaging utility provides facility to maintain the list of contacts or groups, which you may need to exclude time to time while sending messages using exclusion list wizard option. Mobile Text messaging application provides facility to add or paste contact numbers manually or load contacts from file which is saved in excel file. Software provides facility to directly communicate with your family members, friends, business partners, employees, clients and customers. Bulk messaging utility is useful for sending reminders, event notification, greetings, business news, product campaign and other type of text messages. Software provides facility to save sent text messages to the template for future reference. Mobile text messaging utility sends thousands of text messages from PC to mobile phone over national and international mobile phone network without using internet. Software Feature: 1. Software provides facility to send bulk text messages from PC to mobile by using GSM, Android or Windows based mobile phone device. 2. PC to mobile messaging application does not require any internet connection to send SMS. 3. Bulk SMS Software allows you to send SMS to all national or international mobile phone networks. 4. Software supports Unicode characters for sending text messages in different languages. 5. Text messaging utility provides option to load contacts from file or send unique or personalized SMS to every contact using excel file. 6. Software enables you to compose and send text messages from PC to individual or list of phone numbers. 7. Mobile text messaging program provides facility to save sent text messages to the template. For more information: Visit: Email: