Star gazing at the world's clearest skies: Atacama, CHILE

Star gazing at the world's clearest skies: Atacama, CHILE

Online PR News – 23-November-2010 – – Star gazing at the world's clearest skies: Atacama, CHILE

The Atacama Desert of northern Chile is a dream destination for stargazers, with high altitude, a virtually cloudless climate, and sparse settlements that minimize distracting light pollution and radio interference. Light years above the desert, the night sky burns with the astronomical highlights of the Southern Hemisphere, including the Southern Cross, the southern Milky Way, and even points in the North.

explora en Atacama, has a brand new observatory located in the hotel property, just 100 meters from main building. Inside, guests can now gather beneath an observation dome measuring five meters in diameter. The new Meade LX200R is a first-class telescope, generously accessorized with Premium-grade optical glass, a Super Wide Angle Eyepiece, and a “piggyback bracket” enabling the mounting of digital cameras for spectacular astrophotography.
If all that weren’t enough, the Meade 16” also ranks as one of the largest “aficionado-level”
telescopes to be found in Chile. For day time adventurers there is plenty to do under the sun at explora en Atacama, including climbing high mountains, horseback riding, and hiking and walking through the stunning lunar landscape of the Atacama Desert. For the night time adventurers, the moon, stars, clear sky, constellations and galaxies are now among the
many exciting possibilities.

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