Graphic Designer Jiping Liu Lends her Skill to 'Sea of Mirrors' and 'Successor of the Southern Star'

Graphic Designer Jiping Liu designs the graphics for the the highly anticipated films "Sea of Mirrors" and "Successor of the Southern Star"

Online PR News – 10-January-2017 – Los Angeles, CA – Using her expertise as a graphic designer and vast understanding of what catches an audience's attention when it comes to a film's story, Jiping Liu has been tapped as the graphic designer for the upcoming films "Sea of Mirrors" and "Successor of the Southern Star."

Directed by Thomas Lim ("The Rat-Ox Diaries," "Roulette City") "Sea of Mirrors" is a psychological thriller that follows former actress Riri Kondo, played by Kieko Suzuki ("Mari," "The High School Samurai Boy"), who finds herself on the brink of insanity as she travels to Macau in search of her kidnapped daughter.

For the title design of "Sea of Mirrors" Liu chose to use mellow fonts to represent the delicate and beautiful female form of the film’s lead character juxtaposed against sharp edges and corners to represent the darker elements within the film’s story.

"Sea of Mirrors" director Thomas Lim says, "Jiping Liu is a graphic designer with extraordinary creativity and skill. Her designs are amongst the best and most unique I've seen and her talents are right up there with the best."

Successor of the Southern Star.

In stark contrast to "Sea of Mirrors," Liu was also the lead graphic designer for the upcoming comedy film “Successor of the Southern Star” from director Maytus Chernipipat. Starring Young Artist Award winner Nicholas Neve ("Broken Horses," "Boonville Redemption"), Jongman Kim ("Eye for an Eye," "Punch") and Ben Berger ("Manifesto," "My Crazy Ex"), "Successor of the Southern Star" follows Bruce, a comic fan who gave up on his dreams of being a superhero long ago only to find himself bringing his kungfu skills back into practice in order to save the innocent bystanders caught in the middle of a mini mart robbery.

Drawing on the comedy elements within the film, as well as the main character's boyhood dreams of becoming a superhero, Liu designed the poster for the "Successor of the Southern Star" using an image of the main character's childhood self dressed in a batman costume. With a keen eye for color and the necessary knowledge of the way it impacts the audience, Liu's use of color in her film poster designs is unparalleled. For "Successor of the Southern Star" she incorporated contrasting red and yellow colors into her poster design, which brings to mind ideas of classic superhero films.

"Successor of the Southern Star" director Maytus Chernipipat says, "Liu is such a talented designer! Her work always reaches beyond my expectation."

While Liu has designed posters for an impressive range of international film productions over the last few years, one area where she’s had the most success is designing posters and presentations for Chinese-American co-productions.

Originally from Beijing, China Liu's understanding of the both the American and Chinese film industries, and the similarities and differences between the two, has made her a key creative force for Alpha Pictures, an American based film production company founded by China’s leading pan-entertainment company Alpha Group.

"I love designing for film, especially contributing to cross-cultural projects between China and America, because I get to bridge the two styles, for example Chinese design has many traditional elements to it whereas the American style is a bit more wild and creative, so it’s fun to combine the two in a unique way that reaches both audiences," explains Liu.

As the lead graphic designer for the company, Liu's skill as a designer coupled with her ability to liaise between the two cultures has made her an integral contributor in the process of creating visuals that capture the vision of both the Chinese and American producers at Alpha Pictures. Beyond this, her understanding of what appeals to the audiences in the two countries has proven to be a vital asset when it comes to designing posters that get the attention of viewers despite the obvious differences between language and culture.

Last year Liu gained international success as the writer, director and graphic designer of the film "She Gives Me Sight," which took home several awards at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Direct Short Online Film Festival and the LA Underground Film Festival.

As Liu continues to garner attention in Hollywood for her captivating graphic design work for film, her profile in China has also continued to rise. Last month the Hebei official newspaper, Yanzhao Dushi Bao, published an in depth feature article titled "Shijiazhuang girl will walk the Red Carpet in Hollywood," which focuses on Jiping Liu's successful transition into the American film industry, a story that undoubtedly serves as an inspiration for many.

As Liu continues her work as a graphic designer on several new films from Alpha Pictures, as well as the prepares for the upcoming release of "Sea of Mirrors" and "Successor of the Southern Star," audiences in both China and the U.S. can bet on seeing a whole lot more from graphic designer Jiping Liu.