Lynxus releases Total Wireless Solution for the lighting industry.

Magtech Industries, announces the launch of the Lynxus Wireless Lighting Solutions for the IoT.

Online PR News – 10-January-2017 – Las Vegas, NV – Lynxus releases Total Wireless Solution for the lighting industry.
Magtech Industries, a Power Supply manufacture and market leader specializing switch mode power conversion, announced the launch of the Lynxus Wireless Solutions, for the IoT.
Lynxus Wireless is based in lighting control and has thousands of real-world applications that will deliver value to their customers. As of date, Lynxus has emerged as the only complete solution for lighting control in the market. The feature-rich enhancements behind the Lynxus Platform include a series of End-Nodes available on Lynxus-enabled Gateways that address common requirements of lighting solutions.
Prior to Lynxus developers were handicapped by infrastructure, code requirements and costs associated in “hard wire” lighting controls. “Lighting functionality is often pieced together using different systems,” said Michael Kuo, Chief Technology Officer at Magtech Industries. Lynxus provides the building blocks to shorten installation time, reduce the complexity and limitations of hard wired lighting along with eliminating the need to create a lighting system from the ground up. Lynxus Wireless includes node management, network health, and automated data collection from remote Lynxus devices.
In addition to the wireless application, developers have access to the new Ayla Cloud Service, to interface the Lynxus platform providing the ability to access the system and call event-driven remote procedures or individual nodes themselves. Developers and product managers have ready access to their management tools, regardless of their location.
Developed on the ZigBee platform, the Lynxus system is controllable through a variety of podiums and 3rd party devices as well as the Lynxus Gateways. The platform is Cloud agnostic and works seamlessly with its Cloud-based provider.
With four years in R&D, Lynxus is ready to take the stage in as a player in advanced lighting technology. “The Lynxus Platform provides customers with a well architected podium to develop and manage lighting and connect devices in one seamless integrated package. Our complete solution offers a cohesive collaboration – without having to develop complex infrastructure. Applications can be up and running in hours – with real-time data available almost instantly.”
Learn more about Lynxus by visiting: or contact Gerald Culbert at Magtech Industries at 702-364-9998