DDi awarded as Global fastest growing clinical technology companies by Silicon Review Magazine USA

DDi is recognized as global leader in clinical Technology by Silicon Review Magazine in USA. DDi is the eclinical partner to the pharma, Biotech companies.

Online PR News – 09-January-2017 – New Jersey – Makro Group is serving Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device clients over two decades. The Life Science industry is going through a transformation in their R&D practices. R&D is all about data and companies need innovative IT systems and tools to manage different areas of “R” and “D” to bring the costs down. Observing this technology need, DDi was formed to focus in this specialized area. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered at Princeton (New Jersey), with offices in London, India and Singapore.

DDi has built its solution competency with a unique blend of functional and domain expertise to serve the technology needs of global clients. It provides smarter technology for Clinical Development, Regulatory and Enterprise domains by providing innovative technology products and solutions for the Life Science organizations of various sizes. The customer base includes organizations from Top 50 global pharma companies to small & mid-size biotechnology, medical device companies as well as academic/ research institutes.

In the last six to seven years, life science companies have been integrating their clinical trial data and centralizing so that meaningful insights are derived holistically. During this initial phase of the paradigm shift, DDi began its clinical technology journey with mEDC-(Electronic Data Capture Tool). Our EDC tool helped the trial system from traditional set-up to easy-to-use process through quick and efficient data collection right at the source more efficiently. Very few of clinical technology companies then had come up with right technical approach to optimize the clinical data capture. In that initial stage DDi was awarded a Project by one of the World’s Top Pharma Companies. The intuitive technology along with our experience and legacy of consulting and services in this industry had helped us gain this project. It was an important milestone for DDi’s growth.

The e-clinical journey is not always very smooth. DDi’s IT services & e-clinical products may already fulfill market requirement but with ever changing technology & data, the need to re-evaluate the R&D & IT needs always exists. There should be proper mechanism to have greater collaboration between internal & external stakeholders to establish clear view and common goal. A comprehensive benefit analysis based on pre-defined metrics provided greater clarity. Market trends helped DDi’s product requirements and subsequently those product requirements create technology needs.

Clinical solutions resolve around to collect data coming from multiple systems. These pose great challenges of maintaining data integrity and quality. Right decisions can only be taken on the basis of right data. Our technology helps to increase efficiency by eliminating redundant systems and processes, and decrease project risks by improving the quality of data collection. rnDDi’s sole focus is on clinical development and Regulatory areas. Other strategy is to expand the current products into other geographical territories. We aim to be Market Leader in the Products & Solutions that we develop and market.

“Breaking away from conventional thinking process, we have developed innovative solutions that facilitate Real-time decision making, Risk Management, Oversight/Governance, Supply Management Optimization, and key analytics all accomplished in integrated platform.”

“Our Risk & Oversight Solution : TULA has been designed to allow organizations to thrive by providing the capability to Identify and minimize the risk of something going wrong, by providing appropriate oversight to anticipate problems with ability and knowledge to deal with issues.”rn Click to read the interview published in Silicon Review Magazine USA 2016 December Issue. Silicon Review has awarded DDi as 50 Top Global fastest growing Private Companies 2016-17.

For more details: http://www.ddismart.com/ddi-eclinical-leader-silicon-review-usa