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People around the Planet have a misconception that Spiritual healing doesn’t really exist. While many people have experienced the miracles of spiritual healing, it is high time to make the world know that Spiritual healing is a great gift to humankind, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 16-April-2009 – – FL, USA ( Onlineprnews ) April 15, 2009 - “You will be well aware of the fact that faith and spirituality are closely interrelated. So if you believe that there is an external, invisible power that guides you in your day to day life, you must agree with the fact that spiritual healing is real. This invisible external power can be viewed in different forms.""Some people refer this external power as 'God', while some others feel it as subconscious self. Whatever form it takes, it is true that there is some external higher source of power. In spiritual healing, this higher source of power is transferred to the one who needs it” says Mr. William M. Austin of (

Speaking about the spiritual healing programs, Mr. William said, “Spiritual healing is entirely different from the other counseling sessions available today. While most of the counseling sessions deal with mental well-being, the spiritual healing programs play a great role in healing some physical disorders too.""Though the spiritual healing technique doesn’t act directly on the body, it is something like physical healing through mental health. Apart from physical and mental well being, spiritual healing also induces self confidence and a positive attitude.""People receiving spiritual healing sessions will be able to overcome the difficulties arising in their life with greater ease and grace. Spiritual healing will also help the people to know their responsibilities and also will help to achieve their goals.”

“The spiritual healers are not born with this exceptional talent. The ability to perform spiritual healing can be attained through some training programs. With the huge popularity of spiritual healing, many training schools have spawned where one can develop the most wanted skills to perform spiritual healing.""Good faith in God and the ultimate belief that an external superpower exists is the basic qualification for getting into any spiritual healing training program” says Mr. Austin.

Speaking on the move, Mr. William M. Austin said, “If done properly, spiritual healing is really a gift to mankind. This can be used as an alternative healing method for many life threatening diseases like cancer.""You should understand the fact that, the time taken for the cure for any disease is also dependant on the person’s mindset. As the old saying goes, “A healthy mind is the root of a healthy physique” and spiritual healing is a great tool to carve a healthy mind and soul”.

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