ERP Software 2017 – Advanced Features by Bricks Technologies

Bricks Technologies Systems is most progressive company with implementation of ERP software.

Online PR News – 07-January-2017 – Abu dhabi, UAE – Within a span of two years since its inception Bricks have gained numerous clients from various industries automating their business processes or entire business unit. The latest version of ERP software released from Bricks is LEAP i3 that comprises of additional module CORPORATE BUDGETING.rnThese modules serves the other end of the business function and provide a firm control over the most struggling part of any business that is COST SAVING. ERP software equipped with BUDGETING Module whether corporate or project will help management take effective decisions like rnWhether to expand or stay put??rnWhich cost elements to decrease in near future??rnWhich expense to increase to give mileage to your revenues??rnAre going in right direction??rnDoes this decision align with our goals??rnDo we really need to cut down on our staff??rnAnd so on…..rnThe questions are extremely important if provided with answers or else the business decision making is driven by intuitions rather than calculated risk. rnAs business owners CORPORATE BUDGETING is important aspect which must be diligently practiced as it eradicates uncertainty in business and make proper use of opportunities at the right time without any further delay caused due to unorganized decision making. rnIn today’s economic scenario stakes are very high and each and every decision is important with respect to business survival or growth. Competitions are fiercer than ever and everyone is claiming their share of market with prompt response, improved business methods and commendable customer service. Right from Inquiry stage till final execution all process can be optimized only with the help of technology in form of an ERP solution in Dubai, Abu dhabi, UAE and truly manage each and every resource by using it to the optimum level and apportioning their cost to relevant cost or profit centers. The best practice is the ideal way of doing business and what if these best practices are automated in form of a system reducing human error and boosting the strength of the organization to its extremes.rnLeap i3 is the ERP software which can provide answers to all these vulnerable questions and hence let you drive your business as desired by coordinating all aspects of your business and allow seamless flow of information from one end to another to present real time status of business.